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Discover Solutions: Magnolia Touch

Magnolia Touch

Michelia alba

Soothing to the skin and calming to the emotions, Magnolia essential oil is combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil in a roll-on container to create Magnolia Touch. This fragrant essential oil reduces feelings of anxiousness and helps keep the skin looking clean and healthy.


Usage Tips:

  • Use Magnolia Touch daily as a perfume with soothing effects.
  • Roll onto the bottoms of your feet before bed to promote feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Apply topically as part of your skin care routine to promote moisturized, healthy-looking skin with a calming, floral fragrance.
  • Combine with Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, or Lavender for a beautiful aroma with enhanced skin and emotional benefits.
Bottle of Magnolia Touch

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Similar in chemistry to Lavender, a main chemical constituent of Magnolia is linalool. Linalool provides a pleasant floral scent and helps ease feelings of stress or anxiousness. Magnolia offers similar benefits to the emotions and skin that other essential oils with linalool offer. It promotes feelings of relaxation and calm; its scent comforts, uplifts, and refreshes mood.

Magnolia is soothing to the skin and may help keep the skin clean and healthy-looking. The combination of coconut oil with the Magnolia essential oil makes the touch blend moisturizing to the skin as well.

The Magnolia tree grows in South Asia, the Pacific, and North America. doTERRA Magnolia essential oil is sourced in China from a variety of magnolia tree that is also known as the white champaca or white jade orchid tree. These flowers are used in traditional Chinese health practices to create balance in the body.

Magnolia essential oil is steam distilled from the petals of the flower. The blossoms can be harvested twice a year, but like Jasmine and Rose, Magnolia flowers do not have a high yield.

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