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FAQ: doTERRA Lifelong Vitality® (LLV) Update


What specific changes were made to the LLV formula?

We’ve made slight adjustments to Microplex VMz️®, including:

  • Updating the folate sourced from lemon peel to a methylated form (MTHF),
  • Reducing the amount of biotin,
  • Adjusting the claimed amounts of vitamins A and E to meet new FDA guidelines, and
  • Replacing iodine from kelp with potassium iodine.

Both Microplex VMz and Microplex VMz (Vegan) have undergone these changes, with just one additional change to the vegan formula: the vitamin B12 source is now methylcobalamin.

We’ve made a couple improvements to xEO Mega® as well, including:

  • Switching from echium seed oil to ahiflower seed oil to improve the overall omega-3 fatty acid profile and
  • Removing soybean oil for those who have compatibility issues with soy and replacing it with sunflower oil

The Alpha CRS+® formula wasn’t changed.

Does this update mean the old version of LLV wasn’t safe?

This update was performed to make an already safe, effective, and popular product even better! The updates made to the product formulas are part of our commitment at doTERRA to provide customers with the best products through careful, constant innovation.

Was the folate changed to folic acid?

The folate from lemon peel in Microplex VMz was replaced with a methylated folate.

Why was iodine from kelp replaced with potassium iodine?

This update was done for two reasons. First, kelp comes from the ocean. Current kelp harvesting methods don’t allow us to completely guarantee we won’t collect crustaceans in the kelp, so there’s potential cross contamination. With potassium iodine, we can ensure we’re sourcing it without potentially introducing an allergen.

Second, kelp doesn’t have the consistent levels of iodine we require for a product like Microplex VMz. We can, however, get that level of consistency and high quality with potassium iodine.

Why was the B12 source in Microplex VMz (Vegan) changed?

Along with offering B12 in the glycoprotein matrix, we wanted to provide it in methylated form.

Are there synthetics in the LLV formula?

Our goal at doTERRA is to pursue what’s pure. Part of that pursuit is using ingredients that are reliable and consistent from nature to create pure products every time. We have access to USP-grade nutrients—vitamins and minerals from sources like coral, seaweed, or calcium magnesium citrate. These ingredients are of the highest natural quality and consistency.

Why was the biotin content reduced?

We wanted to keep this product in line with the latest FDA recommendations. A few years ago, the FDA noticed biotin (vitamin B7) is important for a number of metabolic processes, but biotin may also bind to proteins involved in cardiovascular tests, making these tests less reliable or effective. Since then, the FDA has recommended lowering the recommended daily biotin intake from 300 to 30 micrograms. This change was made to prevent the instances where biotin interferes with different heart tests.

The soybean oil in XEO Mega was replaced, but was the soy flour in Microplex VMz also removed?

We’re currently working with our manufacturers to find a replacement for soy flour in the Microplex VMz formula that maintains its benefits, like sunflower oil does in xEO Mega after replacing soybean oil.

Is there a timeline for when carrageenan will be removed?

When we create a product—particularly a softgel product—changing the formula is no small task. Using technology and professional expertise, we’re systematically finding ways to improve our formulas so we can provide safe, consistent products that work, but this does take time.

We’re currently working with manufacturers on five different continents to manufacture tapioca softgels. They’re incredibly delicate and sensitive and therefore take a lot of time and testing to formulate. Many of our essential oil–only softgels are making the transition to tapioca softgels and will be available once we work through current inventory. We’ve been working on this transition for LLV for the last few years and are happy to report this transition will be completed soon.

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