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Digital Marketing Kit

Also known as DMK

Woman looking at the Digital Marketing Kit web page
Woman looking at the Digital Marketing Kit web page

Expand Your Business with the doTERRA Digital Marketing Kit

Sharing doTERRA is easier than ever thanks to the Digital Marketing Kit (DMK). Market your business online, educate new customers on the fabulous products you know and love, print out content you can distribute in person, and much more. .

Whether you love social media or prefer in-person interaction, the DMK has what you need!

What Does the DMK Include?

The DMK is a dedicated space where you can browse content to help grow your business. You’ll find:

  • Marketing materials like trifolds and drop cards
  • Class materials, including PowerPoints, scripts, and handouts
  • Product imagery
  • Product information pages (PIPs)
  • Empowered Success trainings
  • Social media assets
  • eBooks
  • Educational PDFs

And there’s even more to discover! All this content is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Downloading Content

When you’ve found the content assets you’re looking for, simply download and save them straight to your computer or phone.

With the doTERRA Digital Marketing Kit, you won’t have to stress about the little things and can create a marketable doTERRA business that’s professional and efficient. You’ll be able to put your extra time and energy into building your team.

Also, did we mention everything on the DMK is free?

Free Digital Marketing Kit


If you have any questions about the DMK, reach out to Member Services by using the online chat feature, by emailing, or by calling (800) 411-8151. If you’re ranked Silver and above, you can also contact your account manager.

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