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Discover Solutions: DigestZen TerraZyme®

DigestZen TerraZyme®

Digestive Enzyme Complex

DigestZen TerraZyme promotes food tolerance and eases gas and bloating with 10 critical digestive enzymes that are required for healthy digestion but may be missing in the modern diet.* Take as needed for occasional upset, or take daily for proactive digestive support.*


Usage Tips:

  • Take DigestZen TerraZyme with you while traveling and trying new restaurants to make sure stomach upset doesn’t slow you down.*
  • Take DigestZen TerraZyme daily with meals to support and enhance your body’s natural digestive processes.*

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DigestZen TerraZyme is a powerful nutritional supplement that supports healthy digestion.* Each dose delivers a comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes to support normal digestive processes, resulting in increased gastrointestinal comfort, food tolerance, and optimal metabolic processes.* This carefully-researched digestive formula delivers the food enzymes that are most likely to be deficient in the modern-day diet. Enzyme deficiency may cause digestive disruption or upset, including bloating, gas, or other symptoms.* 

The enzymes in this formula can help support more effective digestion of substances that are often difficult to process—such as lactose and processed foods—thus allowing your body to feel more comfortable during the digestive process.* It also speeds the conversion of food nutrients to cellular energy.*

Each serving of this Digestive Enzyme Complex provides your body with 10 active whole-food enzymes and supporting mineral co-factors, all of which are required for healthy digestion.* These enzymes help with the digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber.* 

Included Enzymes

  • Protease and Papain break down protein.*
  • Amylase breaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars.*
  • Lipase breaks down fats and oils to be absorbed in the intestine.*
  • Lactase breaks down lactose found in milk sugars.*
  • Alpha Galactosidase breaks down complex polysaccharide sugars found in legumes.*
  • Cellulase breaks down fiber to help digest fruits and vegetables.*
  • Sucrase breaks down sucrose to fructose and glucose for energy.*
  • Anti-Gluten Enzyme Blend assists in breaking down gluten (found in many cereal grains).*
  • Glucoamylase breaks down starch.*

These digestive enzymes are often deficient in cooked, processed, and preservative-laden foods. In addition to food enzymes, this well-researched digestion formula also includes the doTERRA proprietary tummy tamer blend of extracts of Peppermint, Ginger root, and Caraway seed to soothe stomach discomfort.*

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