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Cananga odorata

Similar to Ylang Ylang, Cananga essential oil helps reduce stress and promote calmness. Cananga is soothing to the nervous system* and the skin.

Nervous System
Integumentary System
Immune System


  • Add a few drops to a warm bath with Epsom salts.
  • Take one to two drops internally to soothe the nervous system.*
  • Use a few drops in your next bedtime diffuser blend for added calming benefits.
  • Apply topically to soothe the skin and help it appear clear and healthy.


What Is Cananga Essential Oil Used For?

Cananga essential oil is calming and can help reduce feelings of anxiousness or stress. It helps naturally improve mood and promote feelings of balance and peace. Taken internally, Cananga supports cellular function and soothes the nervous system.* It also supports overall immune function throughout the body.*

What Is the Difference Between Ylang Ylang and Cananga?

Cananga and Ylang Ylang essential oil come from the same species of tree. Cananga is the macrophylla variety of Cananga odorata, while Ylang Ylang comes from the genuine variety of Cananga ordorata.

The primary difference in the essential oil of the two varieties is that Cananga has higher amounts of the chemical constituent Beta-caryophyllene. Beta-caryophyllene supports healthy cellular function,* and is especially soothing to the skin. It also supports healthy nervous and immune function.*

Where Does Cananga Essential Oil Come From?

The essential oil comes from the flower of the Cananga tree. These flowers are drooping with narrow, greenish-yellow petals. Flowers can be harvested from the tree about every two months, but the best time of year is during the summer months, mainly between June and August.

The flowers are harvested early in the morning around sunrise to avoid the sun shining on the flowers too long, which would cause the essential oil to begin evaporating. Shortly after harvesting, the flowers are hydro-distilled for the essential oil.


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