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Respiratory System


The respiratory system is responsible for your breathing and consists of the lungs, airways, and trachea. Each breath is used by your body to transport oxygen to your cells, helping them grow, reproduce, and perform their different functions. Essential oils like Peppermint have been used for hundreds of years to support healthy breathing.* 


• Recommended oils can be diffused, inhaled directly from palms, or rubbed on chest or feet when seasonal and environmental threats are high.
• Take Peppermint oil internally to promote healthy respiratory function.*
• To clear and soothe airways, dissolve one doTERRA Respiratory Drop slowly in the mouth. Repeat every two hours as needed.

So how exactly does breathing get oxygen all the way down to your toes? It all starts with your mouth and nose. When you breathe in, a muscle below your lungs called the diaphragm contracts, drawing air into your nose or mouth, where the air is warmed. This is important because if the air is too cold or too dry it can irritate your lungs and cause problems when you try to breathe. 

From there, air travels down your trachea (windpipe) through two tubes called bronchi into your lungs. Inside the lungs, the bronchi branch off into smaller and smaller tubes, the smallest of which are called bronchioles, which are about as thin as a piece of hair. Air travels down these tubes into small sacs at the end of each bronchiole called alveoli. The alveoli are surrounded by tiny capillaries that are so small that blood cells can only travel through them single file. From the alveoli, oxygen passes into these capillaries where it attaches to blood cells that are then pumped by the heart throughout the body.

As the blood distributes oxygen to your cells, it picks up carbon dioxide, a waste product of your body’s natural processes, which it brings back to the lungs. The carbon dioxide then makes the reverse trip of the oxygen and is exhaled, exiting the body. This happens when the diaphragm relaxes, pushing the air out of your lungs. This process occurs thousands of times a day, mostly unnoticed, unless there’s a disruption like coughing.

It is important to keep your respiratory system healthy. Exercising regularly, eating well, and getting enough sleep every day are key to helping your respiratory system function properly. Essential oils can also support feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.* If you’re looking for a good way to support your respiratory system, try taking oils like Peppermint, doTERRA On Guard® Lemon, or Cardamom.* You can also apply doTERRA Breathe® or Eucalyptus (diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil) topically for a cooling, soothing sensation.

If a change in season can throw off your normal groove, try taking TriEase® Softgels Seasonal Blend daily to support your respiratory system through the change. 




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