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Body Oil Carrier Oil Blend

doTERRA Body Oil

Carrier Oil Blend


Usage Tips

  • Create a customized massage oil.
  • Add a few drops to bath water
  • Smooth on after a bath or shower.
  • Apply to dry spots like the elbows and knees.
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What’s doTERRA Body Oil Carrier Oil Blend?

With passionfruit, jojoba, baobab, moringa, and sunflower seed oils, plus tocopherol, doTERRA Body Oil Carrier Oil Blend is nourishing and replenishing to the skin. It’s lightweight, yet penetrating as it seals in moisture and glides effortlessly on the skin, which makes it ideal for massage—whether professional or at home! With doTERRA Body Oil, you’re on your way to silky, supple skin.

How to Use Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are excellent for diluting essential oils. Diluting an essential oil in a carrier oil helps reduce skin sensitivity and increases absorption of the essential oil you’re applying. Dilute one part essential oil to five parts or more carrier oil, depending on skin sensitivity or as directed on the essential oil label.

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