The Power of Knowing Your Strengths

Why Strengths Matter

Do you wish you had a simple tool that could drastically change your doTERRA business? Now you do! Knowing your own strengths is one of the best investments in yourself and your business. Strengths are part of your own personal identity and kind of like a fingerprint- no two people have the same.

Your unique strengths can help you learn more about yourself and what resonates with you. Have you ever felt like you struggle with certain tasks and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to make it work? Well, you could be trying to apply a certain approach that doesn’t resonate with you. Knowing your strengths can allow you to tackle the same task with a tailored approach that feels more natural and comfortable to you.

How to Apply Your Strengths

Now that you know your strengths, how can you apply them? The first step is to watch the videos located under the Empowered You section on These videos will teach you the best business buildings tasks that fit with your unique talents. Start by writing down things that you feel come naturally to you and don’t be afraid to ask others for feedback on where you really excel and shine. Then, brainstorm together ways that you can apply these skills to your business.

doTERRA has an ever-expanding network of builders all with different styles of approaching the business. Don’t ever feel like you have to duplicate the exact way that someone else built their organization. This isn’t natural and you will end up feeling like you are trying to be someone you’re not.

Once you have applied strengths to your business, share this skill with your teams and have them do the same. Knowing your leaders’ strengths will help you understand the type of builder you are working with and how you can better coach them to success.

Spend the rest of your life discovering how to be the BEST version of yourself.

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