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Zendocrine® Uses and Benefits

Essential Oil Spotlight

Zendocrine Product Description

If you’re looking for a way to cleanse and support your body’s systems, then doTERRA Zendocrine may be just what you’re looking for.* The Zendocrine Detoxification Blend is composed of essential oils such as Rosemary, Cilantro, and Juniper Berry, which are known for their detoxifying properties, and other essentials oils like Tangerine and Geranium, which have purifying effects against unhealthy substances.* When combined, these essential oils work together to create a blend that rids the body of toxins and free radicals, while supporting the healthy function of many of the body’s vital organs, including the liver, colon, kidneys, lungs, and skin.*

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Experience the cleansing and supporting properties of Zendocrine oil in your life by purchasing a bottle of Zendocrine today. To buy a bottle of Zendocrine, visit the Zendocrine Detoxification Blend product page. Made from CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™​​​​​​​ essential oils, Zendocrine is composed of essential oils that meet doTERRA’s high standards for purity, potency, and quality. This quality is crucial to the effectiveness of Zendocrine and contributes greatly to the power of its benefits. When you purchase doTERRA essential oils or essential oil products, you can be confident knowing that the products you receive are high-quality and ready to meet the needs of you and your family. 

Zendocrine Uses and Benefits

  1. One of the most valued benefits of Zendocrine oil is its ability to support the body’s natural aptitude to rid itself of unwanted substances.* With the aid of Zendocrine, the body can better cleanse and purify the areas that need it most.* 
  2. Zendocrine oil is an ideal essential oil to use internally as it can support healthy liver function.* One way to receive these liver-supporting benefits is by adding one to two drops of Zendocrine oil to citrus drinks, teas, or water.* This method provides a safe and healthy way to ingest Zendocrine and obtain its benefits faster. 
  3. Among its many benefits, Zendocrine also delivers powerful antioxidants that can fight against free radicals.* Free radicals can slow down the body’s systems, leaving a heavy and weighted feeling.* When antioxidants are introduced to the body, they help ward off these free radicals and reduce their effects. By using Zendocrine, you’ll be providing your body with needed antioxidants.* 
  4. If you’re looking to begin a lifestyle change or need help kick-starting a New Year’s resolution, take one drop of doTERRA Zendocrine daily for one week as part of an internal cleansing regimen.* Zendocrine oil can help purify and detoxify the body’s systems and is a great step toward assisting your body in the cleaning process.* 
  5. Not only does Zendocrine help with healthy liver function, it also assists with the function of many other organs.* When used internally, Zendocrine supports the healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the kidneys, lungs, skin, colon, and liver.*

Zendocrine Products

doTERRA Zendocrine Softgels: These dietary supplements provide an easy way to obtain the health benefits of the Zendocrine Essential Oil Detoxification Blend. With cleansing, detoxifying, and supporting capabilities, this supplement can be taken daily as needed.* 


doTERRA Zendocrine Detoxification Complex: This supplement contains a blend of whole-food extracts in a patented enzyme delivery system that supports healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the liver, colon, lungs, kidneys, and skin.*


  • Tangerine Peel
  • Rosemary Leaf
  • Geranium Plant
  • Juniper Berry
  • Cilantro Herb


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid UV rays for 12 hours after applying product.

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