Product Spotlight: Veráge® Moisturizer

Verage Moisturizer Product Description

Designed to moisturize and nourish the skin, the Verage Moisturizer uses essential oils and natural ingredients to help hydrate the skin, while simultaneously working to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Unlike other ordinary moisturizers, the Verage Moisturizer gently nourishes the skin with essential oils, plant extracts, and other natural ingredients that help to promote an even complexion and smooth skin. Whether you struggle with dry skin, and uneven complexion, or wrinkles, the Verage Moisturizer is an essential part of any healthy skincare routine. 

Where to Buy Verage Moisturizer

View the Verage Moisturizer product page to learn more about ordering this product. If you are interested in skincare products that support healthy-looking skin with the use of CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ essential oils, take a look at other products in the Verage Skin Care line. The Verage Moisturizer is most effective when used in conjunction with the other products in the Verage collection, like the Verage Cleanser, Verage Immortelle Hydrating Serum, and Verage Toner. To maintain soft, glowing skin in a safe and natural way, consider purchasing the doTERRA Verage Skin Care collection.  

Verage Moisturizer Uses and Benefits

  1. Unlike other skincare products, Verage Moisturizer is safe to use on all skin types, as it helps promote a smooth, even complexion. Because the Verage Moisturizer formula uses safe, natural essential oils and plant extracts, it is safe for all skin types. No matter what your skin looks or feels like, you can promote a healthy, glowing complexion by incorporating the gentle, nourishing power of the Verage Moisturizer into your everyday skincare routine. 
  2. One major difference between the Verage Moisturizer and other generic moisturizers is the use of pure essential oils that hold significant benefits for the skin. By using essential oils like Geranium, Juniper Berry, and Jasmine, the Verage Moisturizer can gently and effectively bring moisture and nourishment to the skin. Because Verage Moisturizer uses essential oils rather than toxic fillers or chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that safe, natural components are at work on your skin—giving you a bright, glowing complexion.
  3. In addition to powerful essential oils, the Verage Moisturizer formula uses advanced plant technology to provide the skin with deep hydration and nourishment. Along with pure essential oils, the Verage Moisturizer formula uses plant extracts to provide gentle nourishment for the skin in a natural, safe way. Ingredients like Sea Buckthorn Berry help to nourish and soften the skin, while rice bran oil penetrates deeply into the skin, providing optimal moisture. 
  4. A common problem among moisturizers is the greasy residue left behind after application. This leaves the skin feeling weighed-down and greasy, rather than renewed and refreshed. The Verage Moisturizer formula uses rich shea butter and emollients to help create a light, non-greasy formula so that you feel refreshed with each use. 
  5. While Verage Moisturizer is designed to moisturize and nourish the skin, the natural ingredients also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Essential oils like Juniper Berry oil are particularly helpful for aging skin, and other moisturizing ingredients in the Verage Moisturizer formula contribute to healthy, youthful-looking skin. Not only will using the Verage Moisturizer during your daily skincare routine keep your skin feeling fresh and moisturized, but it will give you a youthful glow—a desirable trait at any age.  

Key Ingredients

To learn about the ingredients in the Verage Moisturizer and other Verage products, check out the Verage ingredient sheet for more information. 

Jasmine: Known to protect the skin and reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, Jasmine oil contributes to a healthy, glowing complexion. 

Geranium: With beautifying purposes that date back to ancient times, Geranium oil promotes the appearance of healthy, clear skin.  

Shea butter: With fatty acids that contribute to healthy-looking skin, Shea butter contributes to the soft, gentle nature of the Verage Moisturizer formula. 

Juniper Berry: Useful for reducing the appearance of skin blemishes and improve aging skin, Juniper Berry oil acts as a natural toner for the skin. 

Phellodendron amurense bark extract: With the ability to condition and soothe the skin, phellodendron amurense bark extract is a vital addition to the Verage Moisturizer formula.

To learn more about the other products in the Verage skin care line, watch the following video: 

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How to Use Verage Moisturizer

Dispense and apply the Verage Moisturizer to a clean face and neck, applying in an upward circular motion until the moisturizer has absorbed into the skin. Use both morning and night in conjunction with other Verage Skin Care products for the best results. 



For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.


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