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Benefits of the Slim & Sassy® V Shake

Slim & Sassy V Shake Product Description
Whether you are vegan, have diet restrictions, or do your best to eat properly, the completely vegan-friendly Slim & Sassy V Shake can be a helpful part of your wellness routine. Designed to help anyone who is working toward weight loss or fitness goals, the Slim & Sassy V Shake is full of high-quality and delicious ingredients that are most effective when paired with healthy eating and regular exercise. If you are looking for a vegan-friendly product to help you on your weight-loss journey—look no further. The Slim & Sassy V Shake will help you on your way to happy, healthy weight management. 

Slim & Sassy V Shake Uses and Benefits

  1. Among many beneficial ingredients, the Slim & Sassy V Shake includes EssentraTrim®†, a patented weight-loss ingredient that research shows can help with managing cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is associated with the storage of fat in areas of the body like the hips, thighs, and abdomen. By helping to manage the release of cortisol in the body, the Slim & Sassy V Shake can be used as part of a weight-loss program that focuses on reducing calories and burning fat through exercise. 
  2. The Slim & Sassy V Shake provides a healthy alternative to other weight-loss products on the market because it is low in calories, and provides the user with protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. This product includes a proprietary vegan blend of amaranth, pea, and quinoa protein, not to mention, it doesn’t include any soy, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. If you’ve been searching for a weight-loss mix that doesn’t contain harmful or questionable ingredients, the Slim & Sassy V Shake should be your next purchase. 
  3. In addition to the use of EssentraTrim, the Slim & Sassy V Shake formula includes the ingredient Solathin®‡ to help increase feelings of satiety. Solathin is a special protein extract that comes from natural food sources. With 50 mg of Solathin in every serving of the Slim & Sassy V Shake, you can feel more satiated and have a better chance of resisting the temptation of cravings. When you are working toward fitness goals by eating less and exercising more, it is typical for hunger cravings to creep in and threaten to stall your progress. The Slim & Sassy V Shake is designed to keep you full for longer periods of time in order to succeed when it comes to your weight management goals. 

How to Use Slim & Sassy V Shake
Blend one scoop of shake mix in 1/2 cup of almond, rice, or soy milk, or water until smooth and creamy. Slim & Sassy V Shake also blends well with fruits and vegetables. For unique flavor options, blend one drop of your favorite doTERRA essential oil into the shake. Serve chilled.

† EssentraTrim® is a trademark of NutraGenesis LLC and is protected under U.S. Patent 6,713,092

‡Solathin® is a trademark of CYVEX Nutrition

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