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Product Spotlight: MetaPWR® Mito2Max®

MetaPWR® Mito2Max® FAQ

Why did doTERRA rebrand Mito2Max?
An efficient metabolism is foundational to long-lasting energy. Mito2Max supports the mitochondria—the powerhouse of the cell and producer of internal energy.* The MetaPWR system promotes metabolic function and cellular energy, making it the perfect home for Mito2Max.*

How did the formula change?
A few ingredients in the old formula have been replaced by the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend, PQQ, and Eriodictyon californicum to increase the supplement’s overall metabolic effectiveness.*

The MetaPWR essential oil blend and Eriodictyon californicum target your metabolism, while PQQ supports the mitochondria—the source of your body’s energy.* PQQ also improves your cognitive function and acts as an antioxidant, ensuring your body produces clean energy.*

Was anything wrong with the old Mito2Max formula?
No. Current science and research help the doTERRA Product Development team understand new information so products can continue to improve. The formula enhancement and rebranding give Mito2Max renewed purpose and provide you with greater support.

When will the new formula launch? Will the old formula be replaced or phased out?
MetaPWR Mito2Max will launch during the second quarter of 2024. Once it’s released, the old formula will no longer be available.

How should I take Mito2Max with other MetaPWR system products?
Adults can take two capsules daily to increase stamina, energy, and mental acuity.* These capsules can be taken anytime alongside other MetaPWR products but should be avoided before bedtime.

Will the price for the new formula be different?
The price will increase to $44.00 for wholesale and $58.67 for retail.

How long will it take to feel the benefits of MetaPWR Mito2Max?
MetaPWR Mito2Max can produce powerful, helpful outcomes through consistent use over time.* Everyone has a unique body chemistry, so the time needed to feel its effects will vary.

Why is MetaPWR Mito2Max safer than regular energy drinks?
MetaPWR Mito2Max contains safe ingredients that support mitochondrial function for natural, clean energy production, targeting the source of your body’s energy.*

Regular energy drinks often contain high amounts of sugar and stimulants with unwanted side effects, like jitters and withdrawal symptoms. Taking MetaPWR Mito2Max can support your energy naturally without the threat of a “crash” later.*

Can my children take Mito2Max safely?
Most ingredients in MetaPWR Mito2Max should be safe for children, but there’s little research about using it with children. We currently only recommend MetaPWR Mito2Max for adults.

Does MetaPWR Mito2Max contain gluten or GMOs?
No. Mito2Max is non-GMO and gluten-free.

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