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Product Spotlight: doTERRA Deep Blue® Rub

Product Description


One of the bestselling doTERRA products, Deep Blue Rub is a thick topical lotion that uses cooling and soothing essential oils like Peppermint, Wintergreen, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, and—of course—the doTERRA’s proprietary Deep Blue Soothing Blend to offer the body cooling relief and the skin lasting moisture. Deep Blue Rub helps soothe tired muscles and joints and uses essential oils with cooling and warming properties to naturally comfort problem areas. Along with CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oils, Deep Blue Rub also contains plant extracts and moisturizing emollients that are good for the skin, leaving it nourished, soothed, and non-greasy after each use. 


Where to Buy


You can buy this lotion by visiting the "Deep Blue Rub" product page. You can also purchase Deep Blue Rub samples, the Deep Blue Stick or a massive 32-once bottle of Deep Blue Rub


doTERRA knows there’s a natural solution to help soothe discomfort: using the cooling and warming effects of essential oils. Other topical creams simply can’t stand up to the quality and efficacy of Deep Blue Rub with its CPTG® essential oils, natural plant extracts, and moisturizing emollients. For true relief, turn to Deep Blue Rub and enjoy the natural, soothing power of doTERRA essential oils.


Uses and Benefits

  1. Because of its soothing properties, Deep Blue Rub is a popular choice with massage therapists and sports practitioners. Professionals love using it to help ease discomfort, particularly because of its safe, natural essential oils that provide cooling and warming sensations. Just as massage therapists and sports medicine professionals use Deep Blue Rub for a soothing massage, you can use it to give yourself a calming, comforting massage at home. You’ll soon find Deep Blue Rub is the perfect companion for affected areas.
  2. Whether you work out a few times a week or live at the gym, Deep Blue Rub is a product you want in your gym bag. The soothing elements of this cooling lotion are just what you need post-workout. Heavy lifting or intense aerobics can leave the body discomforted in the hours and even days after exercising. But with Deep Blue Rub on hand, you can soothe any trouble spots and simultaneously moisturize the skin. 
  3. We often associate tired muscles and joints with exercise and recreational sports, but it's also possible to feel tightness and discomfort after sitting for too long. Many people spend their days at desks, sitting in front of computer screens without moving for long periods of time. Being hunched over typing can leave you feeling stiff and uncomfortable at the end of a long day. If you’ve spent long hours at your desk, you can massage Deep Blue Rub into the fingers, arms, hands, neck, and shoulders for cooling, relaxing relief. Not only will the tingling sensation of the lotion awaken your senses and rejuvenate your extremities, but the combination of CPTG essential oils will also soothe any affected areas. 
  4. Deep Blue Rub can help after a workout—at the gym or at home; however, all serious athletes should also consider keeping a bottle on hand. Whether you play collegiate or professional sports or you simply stay active by playing on a community softball team with friends, Deep Blue Rub is a smart choice. Parents might keep it on hand for high school athletes who experience discomfort from back-to-back practices, games, and workouts throughout the season. 
  5. Your body often needs to recover after a lot of manual labor. Deep Blue Rub is effective after hours of working in the garden, heavy lifting on moving day, or completing home improvement projects like putting up a fence or landscaping. By the end of the day, your body will need rest and relief, so consider applying Deep Blue Rub on the lower back, shoulders, neck, or anywhere you might be feeling discomfort.
  6. When you're assembling an at-home preparedness kit, include a bottle of Deep Blue Rub for situations where you may need fast relief. Deep Blue Rub comes in a four-ounce or 32-ounce lotion bottle. If you keep a preparedness kit in your car, at the cabin, or in a travel bag, Deep Blue Rub is a great addition for relief when you need it in a hurry. 
  7. Whether you spend a lot of time writing, playing an instrument, needlepointing or knitting, or working with your hands, Deep Blue Rub provides the perfect way to comfort strained or tired hands. Not only will the cooling and warming sensation of Deep Blue Rub provide comfort, but the natural emollients will also leave your hands feeling soft and smooth—not greasy like other topical creams. When your hands are feeling rough, massage a dollop of Deep Blue Rub into the palms, wrists, knuckles, and joints.  

Ingredients Highlights


With its chemical components providing amazing beneficial properties, Wintergreen oil is often used to provide a warming, soothing massage after physical activity. Along with its soothing properties, Wintergreen also has an uplifting, fresh aroma.


Commonly used for its fresh aroma, Peppermint oil lends itself to the cooling, refreshing nature of Deep Blue Rub and creates a minty, invigorating scent.


Along with its renewing properties, Eucalyptus oil is also known for providing a cooling, soothing sensation when applied topically, making it an important ingredient in Deep Blue Rub.


With countless benefits for the skin, Helichrysum oil is effective in any blend, helping promote moisturized, soft skin. Along with its skin benefits, Helichrysum holds rejuvenating properties that provide a soothing sensation upon application.


Ylang Ylang
Deep Blue Rub moisturizes the skin without leaving it greasy. Ylang Ylang oil helps improve the appearance of the skin and offers soft, gentle properties to Deep Blue Rub.




For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Don’t use on wounds or damaged skin. Don’t bandage tightly after application or use with a heating pad. Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center immediately.

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