Sunlight Energizes T-Cells

Isn’t it amazing how time spent in the sun almost immediately makes us feel healthier and more energized? While exposure to sunlight helps us synthesize vitamin D, a recent study suggests that the sun’s rays may provide another benefit directly related to our health.

Researchers have discovered that low levels of blue light found in sunlight help activate and energize T-cells.1 T-cells are white blood cells that circulate throughout our body in search of cellular abnormalities and infections and then assist in orchestrating immune responses to eradicate these foreign invaders. In order to do their work, T-cells have to be in constant motion, racing to sites of infection and then shuttling away to activate healing processes. The study found that blue light is able to reach the dermis layer of the skin and expedite movement of the T-cells. It is theorized that the increased motility is due to the blue light’s ability to synthesize hydrogen peroxide within the T-cells, which in turn increases signaling pathways to initiate movement.

While we all should be cognizant of the possible effects of UV rays, we are just beginning to understand the benefits provided by the sun year-round. Don’t be afraid of the cold; even in the winter, getting outside may be one of the best things you can do for your health.


doTERRA Science blog articles are based on a variety of scientific sources. Many of the referenced studies are preliminary and further research is needed to gain greater understanding of the findings. Some articles offer multiple views on general health topics and are not the official position of doTERRA. Consult your healthcare provider before making changes to diet or exercise.

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