The Science of Cypress


Steam distilled from the leaves of Cupressus sempervirens, a coniferous evergreen tree, Cypress essential oil delivers a fresh, woodsy, and herbaceous aroma. Commonly referred to as the “Mediterranean Cypress,” Cupressus sempervirens trees naturally grow throughout the coastal Mediterranean region.

Chemical Composition

GC/MS analysis reveals significant concentrations of two interesting chemical constituents: a-pinene (alpha-pinene) and d-3-carene (delta-3-carene). Both a-pinene and d-3-carene are monoterpene alkenes, meaning they both contain exactly 10 carbon atoms and 16 hydrogen atoms in their chemical structures. However, what makes these two compounds different from each other is the way the atoms in these molecules are arranged. Because a-pinene and d-3-carene have the same number of atoms but different arrangements of these atoms, chemists classify them as isomers. Isomers are two or more molecules that contain the exact same number of different atoms but have unique structures based on the arrangements of those atoms.

Benefits and Usage

Because of its uplifting and balancing fragrance, Cypress is a great oil to diffuse on its own or blended with other herb and citrus oils. a-pinene may be supportive of normal cell function even when enjoyed aromatically1. Additionally, a-pinene and d-3-carene are both great surface cleansing agents and may help protect against certain environmental threats2. Try adding a few drops of Cypress essential oil to your facial toner or aftershave to not only improve the appearance of oily skin, but to also enjoy its fresh, woodsy aroma.


The benefits of Cypress are primarily due to two of its main chemical constituents: a-pinene and d-3-carene. Due to its fabulous cleansing, skin-supporting, and mood-elevating properties, Cypress essential oil can be a wonderful addition to your essential oil collection.


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