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dōTERRA Essential Oil Chemistry Handbook

eBook: doTERRA Essential Oil Chemistry Handbook


Everything is chemistry. Every cell, organ, and tissue in the body performs its function using enzymes, receptors, and other proteins, which work together to break down, build up, and rearrange the chemical bonds in biological molecules. Essential oils also operate under the principles of chemistry. In fact, the chemical makeup of essential oils is what gives them the ability to affect the body’s systems.

The doTERRA Oil Chemistry Handbook is a reference that will give you the information and the intellectual tools you need in order to understand how to use essential oils effectively based on their chemical properties. By understanding the fundamentals of oil chemistry, you can begin to classify oils by their chemical properties. This will help you learn which oils might have applications in different daily life contexts and how they work.

The book is currently arranged into three parts:


  • Part 1 contains generalizations based on chemistry to help develop a conceptual framework for grouping and categorizing oils. The content in Part 1 provides background information on essential oils and the basics of general and organic chemistry.
  • Part 2 contains the most detailed chemical information publicly available on each of doTERRA’s single oils. The percent composition of each oil by constituent, carbon backbone type, and functional group is given using data from doTERRA’s analytical chemistry laboratory.
  • Part 3 presents the chemical properties of around 80 of the main chemical constituents found in doTERRA oils. The name, structure, chemical classification, uses, and benefits of each isolated compound are listed along with the oils in which these compounds can be found, and in what percent composition. This section is designed to serve as an expansion of the constituent details provided in the doTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel

We hope that you will enjoy having this valuable information at your fingertips as you browse this reference on essential oil chemistry.

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