Eugenol is a chemical constituent found in doTERRA’s Clove and Cinnamon Bark essential oils. Clove oil contains between 63–95 percent eugenol, making it the most abundant source of eugenol compared to any other doTERRA essential oil. When examining the structure of eugenol, it can be referred to as a phenylpropanoid because it contains at least one benzene ring with additional functional groups. Eugenol has been incorporated into many cosmetic and food products. In addition, it has been used as a flavoring agent to give food and beverages the sharp, peppery taste associated with clove.1 More recently, there has been an increased interest in examining the vast therapeutic benefits of eugenol.

Internal Uses

When taken internally, eugenol has been shown to exhibit many health-related benefits. Experimental studies propose that eugenol may provide support for healthy cellular function and immune response.2,3 Additionally, research suggests that eugenol might have a role in fortifying cardiovascular health by assisting in healthy blood circulation.4 Give your immune and cardiovascular health a boost by adding a few drops of Clove to your morning coffee, tea, or juice.*

Topical Uses

Numerous studies have found eugenol to be a powerful cleansing agent.1,4,5 You might try adding a few drops of Clove or Cinnamon Bark to your toothpaste for their cleansing benefits. In addition, it has been noted that eugenol may have soothing properties.6 Consider applying or gargling diluted Clove to soothe occasionally sore gums.


While eugenol isn’t as common of a constituent as limonene or linalool, studies suggest that eugenol has a profound collection of wellness benefits. From promoting healthy cardiovascular, cellular, and immune function to providing soothing and cleansing properties, eugenol can be called upon for myriad heath purposes.*


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