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Kumquat Chemistry

Contributed by Damian Rodriguez, DHSc, MS


The Fortunella japonica tree produces a small fruit that resembles the conventional orange, but is the size of a large olive. Although the essential oil cold pressed from the rind of its fruit is composed primarily of cyclic monoterpene limonene, as the research suggests, Kumquat is quite distinct among citrus oils.


Depending on the harvesting conditions, Kumquat essential oil is anywhere from 70%-95% limonene, but research suggests it has as many as 120 known constituents.1 So, while Kumquat does offer the same surface cleansing and mood uplifting benefits of its limonene-containing counterparts, many of its properties are all its own. One study showed that, along with providing a pleasant citrus taste like many other citrus fruits, Kumquat oil may offers a boost of antioxidants when taken internally.*2 With low levels of monoterpene myrcene, Kumquat may have a calming effect when inhaled.3

With powerful cleansing properties, Kumquat may have applications in skin and hair health along with being great for use on your kitchen counters.4,5 These added skin benefits may be due to low levels of alpha-Pinene, which is found in higher concentrations in essential oils known for supporting skin health, such as Frankincense and Helichrysum.6


Whether used aromatically, topically, or internally, Kumquat offers many of the benefits associated with citrus essential oils, but with a twist. With its wide array of uses, doTERRA CPTG® Kumquat essential oil is the perfect gift for every mother.


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