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Immune System

The immune system is an assemblage of the body’s natural defense mechanisms that prevent invasion by pathogenic microbes and eliminate infection. The immune system employs a layered defense strategy. The skin and the compounds excreted by the skin physically and chemically protect internal organs and tissues from external threats. Near body openings, lymph nodes and tonsils are positioned to draw in pathogens so that residing immune cells can destroy these pathogens and prevent them from entering the bloodstream. Leukocytes, otherwise known as white blood cells, are a large group of cells primarily involved in an offensive immune response. They do this by intercepting pathogens, regulating the immune attack through chemical messengers, and/or engulfing pathogens to dismantle them. In most cases, the immune system is capable of keeping external threats at bay; however, sometimes medical intervention is required.

Many essentials oils have exhibited immune-supporting properties.* In addition, exercise and a nutritious diet can positively influence immune function. To increase your understanding of how certain lifestyle factors can impact a healthy immune response, refer to the list of articles below.

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