Our Favorite Essential Oil Lunch Recipes

Whether you’re trying to manage your weight, be a little healthier, or save money, preparing your own lunch is a great habit to get into. But what happens when you become sick of eating the same old things for lunch every single day? It's time to get creative! 

If you need some new, flavorful lunch recipes that will blow your old go-to recipes out of the water, check out some of our favorite essential oil recipes from the doTERRA Blog.  

Green Greek Goddess Chicken Sandwiches

Looking for a healthy and filling lunch for your next picnic with the kids? Want to get a little fancy with a weekday lunch? These Green Greek Goddess Chicken Sandwiches are full of flavor, and offer plenty of texture thanks to the inclusion of cucumbers, spinach leaves, essential oils, and scrumptious chicken. The recipe's unique chicken marinade includes Lemon oil, Basil oil, Marjoram oil, and Cilantro oil for plenty of tasty flavors. Plus, the delicious homemade spread in this recipe is much better than the mayo and mustard combination you're used to.  

Butternut Squash Pitas

Want a healthy and filling lunch that won’t leave you feeling sleepy or weighed down for the rest of the afternoon? Keep things light with these Butternut Squash Pitas. Infused with Lime oil and other delightful flavors like cumin, maple syrup, and Greek yogurt, eating these warm, healthy lunchtime pitas for lunch will soon be your favorite meal of the day. When you want to try something new, mix and match your toppings for a refreshing change.

Quinoa Dill Summer Salad

If you're short on time, but want to make healthy choices at lunch, this Quinoa Dill Summer Salad is the perfect option for your lunchtime meal prep. Don’t have any Dill oil? No problem. Marjoram oil, Basil oil, Cilantro oil, Coriander oil, or Lemon oil also work well in this recipe to give you the flavor you want. Make a big batch of this delicious summer salad on Sunday or Monday, and you’ll have a light, healthy lunch for the rest of the week. 

Red Pepper Manchego Sandwiches

Sometimes the key to a good lunch is simplicity. This recipe for Red Pepper Manchego Sandwiches only has a few ingredients and is super easy to assemble. But don’t be fooled—just because this is an easy recipe doesn’t mean it lacks flavor. Basil oil, balsamic vinegar, roasted red peppers, Manchego cheese, arugula, and ciabatta bread make this sandwich a tasty (yet healthy) delight.

Veggie Seaweed Wraps with Peanut Ginger Sauce

Liven up a lackluster lunch with these Veggie Seaweed Wraps with Peanut Ginger Sauce. Sliced carrots, cabbage, cucumber, and bell pepper provide a little texture and crunch—plus, you’ll love the extra kick from the sauce with Ginger oil. You’ll soon be the envy of the break room or dining room when you dig into this unique, refreshing, and healthy lunch. 

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