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Why Lemon Essential Oil is a Must-Have for the Home

Can a scent change your environment and connect you with memories? Humans are born with a keen sense of smell, and that sense continues to develop as we get older. But our sniffers do more than tell us when the milk in the fridge is past its prime. Since we associate smells with memory, different scents can trigger pleasant and unpleasant recollections.

Aromas are so important that certain scents can take you back to grandma’s kitchen, remind you of your favorite vacation, or connect you with a happy memory. That’s why we love to use essential oils to create uplifting environments and tranquil retreats. A favorite of ours is using citrus essential oils, and there’s a good reason for that.

Boy reading a book seating on a chair

Photo Credit: doTERRA Partner, Victoria Schneider @govictoria

The Power of Smelling Lemons

Lemons have a bright, clean scent. We even refer to things as being “lemon-fresh.” In a sort of “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” scenario, it’s hard to say if we associate a lemon scent with cleanliness because it’s the signature smell of so many cleaning products or if household products use the scent because it has a clean smell. No matter the answer, we love lemons and citrus oils for uplifting and cleansing environments.

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Photo Credit: doTERRA Partner, Victoria Schneider @govictoria

Lemon essential oil, in particular, has an invigorating scent that gives an uplifting, positive boost throughout the day. You can diffuse it in a room, add it to water, or even dab it on your skin. No matter how you use it (and there are plenty of uses for Lemon essential oil), you’ll feel its sunshiney quality giving you the pick-me-up you need.

The benefits of lemons don’t stop with brightening the atmosphere. Lemon is also a powerful cleanser that can purify the air and surfaces. When taken internally, it has cleansing and digestive benefits too.* That’s why drinking lemon water is so good for you. Lemon essential oil can also protect leather furniture and polish tarnishing silver.

Other Essential Oil Blends To Create An Uplifting Environment

We love lemon scent for brightening a room, but we’re partial to some other scents too. Our other favorite essential oils include these five scents:

1. Citrus Bliss®

If you want to keep things in the lemon family, then Citrus Bliss essential oil is the way to go. It is a bright essential oil blend that uses Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, and more to give it a fresh scent that creates a positive, invigorating atmosphere, whether it’s diffused, used in a massage or as a perfume, or added to dryer balls to freshen your clothes.

2. Citrus Bloom®

This is another one of our favorite essential oils for an environment of positive energy. Citrus Bloom essential oil is also a lemon cousin and similar to Citrus Bliss essential oil, except it adds the blooming scent of Magnolia to make a fresher floral version.

3. doTERRA Balance®

Who couldn’t use a little more balance in their lives? The doTERRA Balance essential oil is a grounding aroma that produces a refreshing atmosphere. You can use it first thing in the morning or any time you want a relaxing atmosphere by diffusing it or dabbing it on the bottom of your feet, wrists, or neck.

“We love doTERRA Balance in the morning to start the day, doTERRA Cheer in the playroom and while doing school, and doTERRA Serenity or doTERRA Peace at night to help us relax.”

-Victoria Schneider (@govictoria)

4. doTERRA Cheer®

Christmas meets summer in doTERRA Cheer essential oil, a bright scent with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg to make it feel homey and warm. It inspires an optimistic, cheerful, and happy atmosphere and creates an energizing and positive environment when you diffuse 1-2 drops in a diffuser.

Woman using a Volo Diffuser beside her bed

Photo Credit: doTERRA Partner, Victoria Schneider @govictoria

5. Adaptiv®

Feeling antsy or need to up your focus? Adaptiv essential oil promotes a calming aroma. Its ingredients include Lavender to offer a soothing aroma, while its Wild Orange and Spearmint energize and uplift your space. You can use it in an Epsom Salt bath, for a massage, diffused, or simply rubbed between your hands and inhale it throughout the day.

We love these five essential oils because they are all oil blends. That means they combine several different oils into one. The result is a great scent that has an even better ability to trigger memories and connect with pleasant associations.

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