All About Arborvitae

Of all doTERRA oils, Arborvitae is potentially one of the most unique. Because of an exclusive agreement with our partners in British Columbia, no other essential oil company can offer this beautiful oil. So why did doTERRA decide to offer such a little-known oil? The answer is in the unique chemistry and preservative properties the tree possesses.

The History

The arborvitae tree itself is actually a conifer that has grown in North America for thousands of years that is more popularly known as the western red cedar, though it is actually in the cypress family. First Nation tribes used the tree for many purposes from shelter in long houses, to totem poles and aromatherapy.

Today, Arborvitae trees are incredibly useful for many reasons. From paper and lumber, to essential oil, no part of the tree goes to waste. Our doTERRA partners do not cut down any trees to make Arborvitae oil—instead they use sawdust from lumber yards. That sawdust is then steam distilled to capture the oil that contains Arborvitae’s unique and woodsy scent.

The Science

According to a study conducted by doTERRA that is the first of its kind, Arborvitae essential oil is helpful when it comes to supporting skin health, and would be an excellent addition to your face lotion in the morning. 

When applied topically, the chemical component Terpinen-4-ol helps to promote clear and healthy looking skin.*

Using Arborvitae at Home

While additional research into Arborvitae oil remains to be done, there are several known ways that this oil is useful in everyday life. It only takes a brief glance at the benefits to see that Arborvitae can be an amazing addition to your home. 

  1. Create a DIY facial mask by adding one or two drops each of Arborvitae and Bergamot essential oils to a tablespoon of raw honey. Apply the facial mask by gently rubbing it into the skin. After 5–15 minutes, wash the mask off with warm water and a washcloth.
  2. For a sense of peace and calm, apply Arbovitae oil to your pulse points during meditation. 
  3. Perhaps our favorite use for Arborvitae, you can purify the air of any unwanted odor by diffusing only a few drops when needed.
  4. If you think about the strength of trees, and how deeply some roots can go, it's no surprise that Arborvitae oil has grounding properties. When you need a break from the stress of the moment or your busy schedule, diffuse Arborvitae to create an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. A bonus tip? Arborvitae can help you take your yoga practice to the next level by helping you to relax.

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