Stuck in the Muck

 by Julie Bates, doTERRA Gold

“Down by the marsh, by the sleepy, slimy marsh, one duck gets stuck in the muck.” This is a quote from a book I used to read to my children, One Duck Stuck, by Phyllis Root.

One duck gets stuck in the muck and numerous friends come to help. “No luck, still stuck.” It is not until the end when they all work together that “spluck!”—he is finally free. There is much truth in this. We frequently need others to help us get unstuck, but change starts from within.

As a clinical psychologist, my job is to help children and adults learn to take responsibility for their behaviors and recognize they have choices even in situations that feel out of control. It is my job to help people learn that change is possible and they do not have to stay fixed in the same cycles or patterns of their past. I knew this, but I was not living it. I never realized I was stuck, until I became unstuck. In many areas, I was highly successful. I am an established clinical psychologist in my community with a full practice. I bought a franchise and quickly grew it into one of the top locations in the company. I have a wonderful husband and four amazing children. But still, I was stuck.

Although I valued the work I was doing, I was working every day without passion. My weight had steadily increased over the last 10 years. I was not forming new relationships or challenging connections with others. I was frozen in thoughts of, “This is just who I am.” I was stuck in patterns of entertainment that did not help me grow or advance, and I was mired in financial patterns that were not smart. But, with that first bottle of doTERRA® essential oil, God said, “Enough! Get unstuck!”

In July 2014, I started using and sharing doTERRA, and I have changed dramatically since that time. Finding essential oils created a complete paradigm shift for my family. We changed our eating habits. We eliminated our debt*. We focused on stewarding our own health and on self-development. I began reading books that opened my eyes and my heart and started a book club to share that growth with other like-minded people. In all areas, I began pulling out of the muck.

As a psychologist, I have seen people try all sorts of unhealthy and unfocused ways to try and get unstuck. They wait for others to solve the problem. They hope for a “lucky break.” They engage in unhealthy habits. They “splish, clomp, pleep, plop, plunk, and slosh. No luck, still stuck.” It takes that key moment of realizing, “This is not working. I need to do something differently” to truly start to feel the pull of change. The key to change is simple, and it is in our everyday activities: our daily, small habits. Every day we make decisions that impact the path under our feet and lead us into the muck or up into the sky. For me, the first step was to open my mind to new ideas and new opportunities.

Each day I expose myself to something inspirational. I opened myself to coaching; I surrounded myself with other driven people; I submersed myself in prayer. I felt like my heart was saying, “Help! Help! Who can help?”, and God brought the gifts of the Earth to pull me out and into a new world of opportunity. You can find the same opportunity. Look around and identify where you are stuck.

Look down at the muck and take inventory of the areas of your life that are not working. Take that first simple step to start pulling yourself out. Do something different. Strive to leave everyone you meet feeling better than they did before they saw you. Take 100 percent responsibility for yourself and your actions. Look for ways to share the things that bring you joy, passion, and strength. Be a steward over your own physical, emotional, and financial health. Serve others. Share the opportunity and the beautiful gifts of the Earth God has provided us.

The past year has taught me humility, patience, and a new level of responsibility for my path. Change is necessary in life, and sometimes we have to get stuck to realize it is time to change, time to cry out. If you are in the muck, it is time. Feel the pull of change in your life.

*Financial results not typical. Average earnings are less. See the 2017 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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