Is Diamond Club for You?

by Traci Kennebeck, Blue Diamond

I was lucky enough to participate in Diamond Club during Spring 2014, and I was honored and humbled to come in second runner up.  I was also happy to sponsor three participants in the first dōTERRA® Fall Diamond Club.  While there’s no one way to approach Diamond Club, my time in Diamond Club and as a sponsor has afforded me with some perspective.

I feel that many of the rumors about Diamond Club are negative: “Diamond Club makes people cry,” and “you will have no life.” Portraying this opportunity so negatively is doing potential participants a horrible disservice.  I think most will find that one’s perspective is framed and magnified by one’s own perceptions and abilities. Often, many of those who didn’t prepare or weren’t in the right place to do Diamond Club bemoan it the loudest.
Determine Qualifications
Just because you qualify to do Diamond Club does not mean you should do it.  Let me clarify.  Qualifications are to be at least Premier, have three personal enrollments in a qualifying month, have five Wellness Advocates with 100PV LRP processing in one’s local area and have five Wellness Advocates with 100PV LRP processing in your out of area focus.  Someone who has been working their dōTERRA business for a while and is an effortless Premier or Silver (with not only the required number of Wellness Advocates, but several out of areas that would qualify) is in an entirely different place than someone who is a ‘bare-bones’ Premier.
You have to have enough leaders and areas in your downline to keep you crazy busy for four months.  If you fit the ‘bare-bones’ profile and for some reason your only out of area collapses on the second month you are doing Diamond Club, you’re going to be in a world of hurt and per Diamond Club rules, you cannot participate again until the following year. On the other hand, if you use the spring without Diamond Club to build several areas and strengthen your team, you could start in the fall from the perfect launching position.  The most important thing is to talk to your upline about whether or not it’s the right time for you to participate in Diamond Club; especially with those who have participated and sponsored participants in the past. Remember, Diamond Club is a marathon, not a sprint.
Have Support
Once you have determined you are ready to do Diamond Club, make sure to sit down with your family/support system.  A four month period of extreme activity will make an impact on your world, whether it’s being absent from tucking in kiddos at bedtime, or not being able to fill your regular shift at a local soup kitchen.  Sit everyone down and explain what doing Diamond Club will mean: traveling, the absences, the interruptions for phone calls, and even the moodiness you may experience.  Explain the good things too: the growth, the opportunity to travel, and the potential increased income. Although you may be traveling alone, you will never be doing Diamond Club alone. Those closest to you need to be actively involved in making the decision to do Diamond Club. You will need the support of your immediate family/support system to accomplish what you’re about to do.

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