Leader Tips: Balancing Work and Life

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, it can be hard to balance how you spend your time. We asked some of our top leaders for suggestions on how they balance their time between work and life. Here are some of our best responses:

“First of all, I realize that balance is a myth. I’ve probably had balance for a total of five minutes in my life as it’s more of an ebb and flow thing. Sometimes, I’m heavily focused on my business. Other times, I’m fully engaged with my family. Also, I incorporate my family into my business as much as possible. My teenage son works on spreadsheets and filling sample vials, and I pay him $8 an hour. My 10 year old helps me with graphics and packaging samples. It’s a family affair. We home school, so our business is just our life.”    
 –Stephanie Crane
“I set aside time guidelines for both work and family time. For example, I don’t take calls before a certain hour because I am getting kids off to school. I schedule appointments and one-on-ones all on the same day and I schedule two to three two-hour blocks, where all I do is ‘Income Producing Activities.’ I honor our family time and I only teach classes on certain days in the evening. I travel to help my team once a month.”
–Carol Ann Guest
“It’s not easy to achieve balance and it takes a lot of help. I have a girl who comes three days a week to help me with the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc. I also have a 20-hour a week assistant and a 15-20 hour a week marketing, web, and events planner assistant. My husband now does the business with me. Before that point, when it was just me, it was crazy. Taking time off is important–I take Sundays off and take as many family vacations that are not doTERRA® trips as possible to keep my connections with the kids. I also have a ton of my kids’ friends’ moms signed up in my business. It helps that during some business events my kids can come and visit with their kids.”  
–Corinna Barrus
“Even without a family of my own, I have still had to learn how to balance all areas of my life. When asked by leaders on my team about balancing certain things their lives, I have always said that their family comes first and then everything else will fall into place. This makes sense because we must all take care of ourselves first to be able to support others.”
–Gina Truman
“We are all on the same boat. We all have a goal. Sometimes it is a trade-off of short-term delaying of gratification for the long-term. It is a very worthwhile, but difficult balance. I just wake up every day and give it my best shot! Things can alter, but I don’t give in to the desire to make my day always about doTERRA. You can do a lot in short periods of time; I can make eight or 10 calls in just a few minutes. Learn how to use your minutes well. Usually that is where we get off, in thinking the minutes don’t matter. We think the big chunks of time is where we miss it, but that’s not usually it for me.”
–Brenda Brown
“I am still learning this. Each time we reached a new rank we had to push back and set some new boundaries (e.g. hours of the day to work, days of the week off, how late is too late to call or text). We had to figure out one night a week when we could be away from our kids, which is enough for us. We make it work around their school schedule. If I can, I have day appointments, or meetings at the house so I am still home. We have also been out of balance for a short while in order to achieve a better balance the next month. We have learned to travel with the kids for out-of-town meetings and make the trip part-work, part-play. It has turned into a true family business.”
–Roxy Saran

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