After Overcoming Cancer as a Teen, Allison Huish Achieves Diamond

Only three weeks after starting junior high, Allison Huish was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor. She was only 13 years old. After a series of treatments, Allison eventually beat cancer, and embarked on a lifelong journey of learning about health and wellness.

Over the next few years, Allison attended college and eventually pursued a master’s degree to help her become a dietician. During that time, her mother introduced her to doTERRA®. Despite a demanding school schedule and eventually a full-time job as a dietician, Allison still built a doTERRA business on the side. She enjoyed teaching people about the benefits of essential oils, especially when combined with the foundation of a healthy diet. She used her expertise as a dietician to help her clients achieve a higher level of overall wellness.
Although she loved working as a dietician, Allison decided to leave her job and commit to doTERRA full time. Since then, she has worked her way to achieving Diamond. She feels that being committed to doTERRA full time has helped her become a better leader, and pursue the type of independent lifestyle she has always wanted. “doTERRA helps me in all aspects of my life: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially,” she says.
Allison uses her positive experiences with doTERRA to motivate her team. She tells her leaders, “With doTERRA you can grow as much as you want. In our world today, so many people get fired from their jobs. You can never be fired from doTERRA—you can only fire yourself.”
As someone who has had to overcome health challenges in the past, Allison enjoys using her knowledge as a dietician and her experience with doTERRA to teach people about essential oils. She says, “I get to help people, do a job I love, and grow as much as I want.” From conquering cancer as a teen, to achieving Diamond, Allison has worked hard to build a career that she loves. Though her journey with essential oils started many years ago, Allison continues to show others that, “If I can do doTERRA, anyone can.”

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