Lavender Around the World Video Submission Contest

We are accepting videos untill the 25th of August. 


For 8 years now, doTERRA has been celebrating the amazing benefits of essential oils all around the world. This year, we are putting together a video called, "Lavender Around the World", and we want YOU to be a part of it.



  1. Take a video of yourself using the guidelines in the video below
  2. READ, SIGN, and EMAIL your agreement form, found here: doTERRA Video Contest Rules (1) to We have enabled electronic signature on the PDF for your convenience if you wish.
  3. Email your video to by attaching it to the email, or uploading the video to your dropbox and sending the link to to Either way, make sure to tell us what city you're in! Depending on the amount of videos we receive, your video may/may not be featured in our "Lavender Around the World" video at doTERRA Convention 2016.

Video disabled by your privacy settings

Step 1: Once you fine the perfect background, grab a friend and have them take three steps back from you with your phone/camera/video recorder. 

Step 2: Turn phone horizontally 

Step 3: Center face on screen 

Step 4: While recording, hold the bottle of Lavender in your right hand and bring it up to your nose and smell. Then grab the bottle with you left hand and pretend to pass it off. 

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