What Kind of dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Are You?

Confidence vs Ego

There are three common traits you’ll find in great Wellness Advocates: humility, courage, and discipline, each of which are important for so much more than just the aspects of business; however, for the purpose of this article, we will focus on humility.

Humility is a necessary skill to have when you’re working with other people, which is the majority, if not all the professions in the world. A humble leader knows they can’t do it all and will rely on the expertise of their team to help solve problems, overcome obstacles, and ultimately build a successful business where everyone is playing a crucial role.

They seek the advice and help of others, knowing diversity in opinions and ideas is the sustenance for innovation. They are receptive to change. They understand as a leader, one must rely on others for support. It takes courage to ask for help. When you can ask for help you open the doors to humility; but this also requires vulnerability. Are you comfortable with vulnerability?

On the other hand of humility is a leader battling their ego. They will find it difficult to ask others for help, they’ll micromanage, insisting on keeping the majority of the workload for themselves as a way of preventing mistakes, which has a way of backfiring and stressing everyone out involved in the project.

The ego-driven leader prevents change from occurring. They stick with old ideas and bad habits, even when evidence shows these ideas and habits to be debilitating to their growth.

We’ve all had that boss. The one you complain about over a bottle of wine at the end of a long work week, saying something along the lines of, “if they would just listen to someone else’s idea for once, they would see how much easier and better [it] could be . . .”

Having an egotistical person as your leader is almost as bad as being the egotistical leader, yourself. If you think you may need some change in this area, you’re not alone. This is something each and every one of us can learn from, as no one is exempt from the trickery and deceit of the ego.

Overcoming the Ego

As Danny DeVito said to his fictional daughter, Matilda: “I’m big, you’re little. I’m right, you’re wrong. And there’s nothing you can do about it.” Ego has a way of belittling everyone it comes in contact with, including yourself.

The ego is a nonsensical child. It has unrealistic expectations and talks badly when someone makes a mistake. By placing the child in the backseat where they belong and allowing the true Self to take the wheel, you’ll begin to see how much pride stands in the way of you becoming your best self.

Choosing your intention from the moment you encounter another allows the Self to take back the wheel. It is intention which differentiates the ego from the true Self. If you can learn to develop good intentions that benefit everyone collectively, you’ll watch as the universe unfolds many paths and opportunities for you. Be open to criticism, never taking it personally. Instead, see it as a way of refining your rough edges.

Being humble in your actions is just one trait needed to become a successful doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Lessons in humility are lifelong, so there’s no better time than the now to start working on it.

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