Top 10 Quotes to Inspire You & Your Business

 1. “When you look past yourself and focus on serving others, then your life will change. Taking the time to individually coach others had the single biggest impact on my doTERRA® business. You have to know your leaders so you know how to inspire them.” –Natalie Goddard, Double Diamond

2. “The best model for growth in doTERRA is networking. Talk to your family and friends and their family and friends. I have tried several ways to build, but I always come back to those I know. People are more likely to trust and purchase through people they know and love.” –Kathy Pace, Blue Diamond
3. “Failure is not an option.” –Mark Ewen, Presidential Diamond
4. “If you are waiting for other people to help you succeed, you will never go anywhere. Success is a matter of doing. Be consistent. Hold classes the same time and same place every week. If you have initiative and are consistent, you will grow.” –Shane & Rebecca Hintze, Presidential Diamonds
5. “It’s okay to feel uncomfortable. It’s when we feel comfortable that we need to step up and push ourselves. It’s up to us to succeed.” –Brian & Rachel Jones, Blue Diamonds
6. “You must have a vision, something that you can look forward to, something that will prevent you from getting bogged down in the day-to-day. Set benchmarks that will help you get there.” –Dave & Tammy Miller, Blue Diamonds
7. “We should have been bolder the first few years in doTERRA. We held back because we were concerned about the whole network marketing idea and how people might view us. When we realized that we were in the business of helping educate people, giving people choices, and simply caring about people, our business went to the next level.” –Boyd & Sandy Truman, Double Blue Diamonds
8. “Study the business. Understand what you are getting involved in and be realistic in your expectations. This is one of the greatest business opportunities you will have, but it only works if you do. You can build your own dream, or someone will hire you to build theirs.” –Burke & Natalie Rigby, Blue Diamonds
9. “Your reason, or your why, can’t be all about yourself. You have to want to help other people. If you make it a goal to help your friends and family become successful, then they will reach out to help you.” –David & Tawnya Hsiung, Double Diamonds
10. “There is not just one way to reach the rank you want. Yes, there are guidelines that can help you be successful, but be creative and let your own unique gifts shine.” –Paul & Betsy Holmes, Presidential Diamonds

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