Finding Motivation Through Discovering Your Purpose

If you could describe yourself in a word, what would it be? Maybe it’s calm, curious, reserved, or pensive? You’ve found yourself, one way or another, connected to doTERRA. You may be scoping out the business and deciding if it’s the right path for you, or you may be currently working on ranking Platinum. Whatever your connection is, a word all of us share in common is ambition.

It takes a lot of guts to start a business from the ground up. It also takes hard work, creativity, vision, and confidence in yourself. All of these adjectives mean something in this business. When you are creating your own path, you’re likely to fail many times along the way. But failure should not be feared. Failure is the foundation on which you build your sturdy foundation upon. Without failure you would never learn. It is through your mistakes you are able to find yourself and your purpose. 

As you continue to rank in this company, you’ll have more people looking up to you for motivation when things get tough. Knowing how to boost motivation and support them is going to be a part of the job.

Create a Vision Board

Start with a blank poster board and some magazines. Go through your magazines and cut out images that represent your goals and dreams. This is an excellent way of putting your goals and dreams into a visual perspective. When you can actually see it, you’re more likely to achieve it. 

Is losing weight a goal to help you build confidence? You might have an image of a delicious healthy meal to remind you of the importance of a well-balanced diet to meet that goal. Is ranking Silver a goal? Perhaps you’ll place a silver item on your board as a reminder. Then when you rank Silver, you’ll replace that item with something gold, then platinum, and then a diamond.

There are three different types of vision boards. You’ll want to separate your goals based on the board:

  1. The “I know exactly what I want” vision board: this is for your specific goals. They might be ideas of something in your life you’d like to manifest or even change.
  2. The “opening and allowing” vision board: use this board for your more vague goals, and for ideas you want to manifest or change but aren’t exactly sure how to make that possible.
  3. The “theme” vision board: this is for the specifics in different categories, like carrer, family, or New Year's resolutions. 
After you’ve filled your poster board with images, hang your vision board(s) up somewhere you can see everyday. The idea is when you have your goals in a visual form, you’ll manifest them with the energy of your thoughts and ambition.

Take Time each day for Your Passions

When you don’t take the time to pursue your hobbies, you lose sight of what’s important, which is your happiness. There have been psychological studies that have shown people who work more than they spend time doing things they enjoy are more likely to experience depression. If the only time you find during the day is the morning to accomplish your hobbies, then wake up earlier. Even if it’s simply 20 minutes of reading a book, sketching a picture, or going for a walk with your dog, making a little time each day for the things you’re passionate about will bring you more happiness than spending all your time working. 

Your passions are an indicator of what you find purposeful in this world. If you are passionate about cooking, you may find your niche in cooking with essential oils. Perhaps you’re a massage therapist, using essential oils for the purpose of relieving muscle tension and soothe the body and mind may be the purpose you’re looking for.

Build Relationships With Other Wellness Advocates

When you’re lacking motivation, it can be helpful to speak to someone who knows what that slump feels like and can offer helpful advice. One day, you’ll be able to offer the same help to another, as you climb the ranking ladder. Passion is contagious. When you spend your time with people who are positive and passionate about their work, it’s likely to rub off on you—just as spending time with people who are negative and dispassionate will do the same. 

Having strong relationships with other Wellness Advocates provides you with allies. Allies provide you strength through numbers, but when things seem tough here are some things to consider.

When all Else Fails

If you feel like you can't go on turn to what you know, your oils. Particularly the doTERRA Motivate® Proprietary Blend. Motivate is an encouraging blend can be especially uplifting. It replaces negative feelings and instills a sense of courage and confidence. Applying Motivate to your pulse points before encountering a situation where your confidence is prudent will give you that surge of positivity you need. While working on projects that require your concentration for long bouts at a time, diffuse Motivate to keep you focused and engaged in the activity.

It’s Only a Phase

Feelings of dispassion are normal and should be expected when you put your heart and soul into something. Cycles will occur as you experience achievements and setbacks, but as long as you remember these cycles come and go, it will be easier to let go of negative feelings associated with them because you’ll know something good is just around the corner. 

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