Keeping Your Team Motivated

When you’re building your business from the ground up, you will more than likely experience highs and lows in your motivation. It’s the days where you feel the least motivated that you need to work the hardest at finding your morale. Finding motivation, no matter your rank, is something we all struggle with from time to time. Motivation can come and go in cycles. The next time you have a cycle of dispassion, these tips may serve you well.

Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose can be an elusive and disappointing idea. This is typically not something that happens overnight. Purpose also has a way of changing throughout life, so be ready to recalibrate. When you’re confident in your own purpose, you put yourself in the position of helping others discover theirs, specifically the members of your team. Having a purpose leads you on a path where you have a hand in the outcome.

Set Goals and Stick to a Routine

Goal setting is an important aspect of life. Aim high, but don’t have unrealistic expectations of yourself or others. Achieving a goal you’ve set is incredibly motivating and encourages you to strive to meet the next goal.

A great goal to start with is enrolling one or two new people a month. Another great goal is hosting a class once a month. Create a routine of hosting regular classes and let that routine be predictable to the members of your team.

Hold Yourself Accountable

One important aspect to consider is leading by example. When you know others are looking to you to lead their way you’re likely to take responsibility for your actions. Being accountable for yourself is a crucial aspect of building trust with yourself and others. Mistakes are a major part of the learning process, and are understandable when you can take responsibility for any mishaps. Mistakes are problematic when you turn a blind eye and refuse accountability.

Practice what you Preach

You can’t expect your team to stay motivated if you are burnt out and lacking motivation. If this is you, try incorporating new habits into your routine to help you find your passion again. Try waking up a little bit earlier to spend time doing something you love. Find time each day to do something active, even if it’s just a few minutes. 

Be Open to new Experiences

Everyone on this planet is different. We have different genetic codes, cultural backgrounds, and experiences, so what works for one person probably won’t work the same way for another. This why diversity is so exciting. It allows for a world where individuals can discover new ways to achieve their dreams. Innovation is the result of diversity, where innovation leads to progress.

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try something different in reaching your goals that no one else has tried. More importantly, don’t be afraid to fail. It’s how you learn.

Remember the Good

As Diamond, Nick Killpack said: “Don’t quit on a bad day; quit on a good day.”

We tend to focus and dwell on the bad, as it becomes a downward spiral. It’s easy to forget the good things when you feel dispassionate and lack motivation. 

When you see this cycle looping back to negativity, try using these tips. After all, it’s the things you have to work the hardest at in life that are the most worthwhile. Building a business is definitely hard work, but what could be more worthwhile?

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