Financial Freedom Through dōTERRA

doTERRA Role in Your Financial Freedom

The things in life worth most require an immense amount of hard work, which is what you can expect when building your business with doTERRA. 

Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. Our Wellness Advocate ‘pioneers’ have paved the way for your success through their own trial and errors, and have left incredible tips to help you meet your goal of financial freedom. 
What are some of these sagely tips?
  • Learning how to step out of your comfort zone: it’s outside of your comfort zone you begin to learn new things, encounter and solve new problems, find courage, and therefore make incredible changes. 
  • Sharing the products by sharing your story: the best salesman are those who can sell a product without really having to sell it. This is why our Wellness Advocates can be so successful. Passion is easily perceived, which sparks people's interest. Show them your passion.  
  • Perfect your pitch: remember why what you’re offering beats all of their other options.  
  • Advertising: learn your audience and how to entice them. 
  • Using social media to develop your business: social media is how current business is advertised. Knowing these major platforms will only serve to help you build your business. 
  • Growing your contact list: it’s all about who you know.

Enroll in the Free to Give Program

Being financially free is a long-term goal for most people. With the Free to Give program, Wellness Advocates will see the benefits that come from being free of debt and loans, allowing you to enjoy living with financial freedom. In doing so, you will be in a position to give to others who have just started their own financial independence journey.

To enroll in the Free to Give program, or to purchase a paperback copy of a customized doTERRA version of The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity by Blaine Harris and Charles Conrad, click here

From Dream to Reality

This is the time to stop dreaming about financial freedom. This is the time to act. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you think may be interested. Imagine how much these oils have benefitted your life. There’s always people looking for the same benefits. 

Research, study, and implement some of these tips into your business plan. See what works for you and toss what doesn’t work, then share your knowledge with those a step behind you. The point is to succeed together, and for that to happen we all must support and boost each other up. There’s room for everyone to succeed with doTERRA.

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