Executive Spotlight: Mark A. Wolfert

Founding Executive General Counsel

When Mark’s son, Drew, first came to work for doTERRA in 2008, he was one of three people in the Call Center. Drew would bring home essential oils, and Mark’s friend and former co-worker, Greg Cook, would also bring essential oils with him when they went out for lunch together. Mark took these oils home and shared them with this family. As the Wolfert family started to use the oils they realized they actually worked. Mark says, “My first exposure with essential oils was probably no different from anyone else. We all have stories and experiences about how essentials oils have benefited us and our loved ones.”

What is your role in doTERRA?

I am doTERRA’s General Counsel and one of the seven doTERRA executives. I oversee the legal department, government relations, and anything that has to do with helping protect doTERRA, its employees, and Wellness Advocates.

What is one of your biggest professional challenges?

I spend a lot of my time helping train and educate doTERRA employees and Wellness Advocates to promote the business in an honest and ethical way. I feel very responsible for protecting the company and safeguarding this opportunity for all of us. We want to keep the business thriving and growing in manner consistent and compliant with the law.

What do you see for doTERRA in the future?

We doubled the size of our business in 2014, and we are still growing at an astounding rate. What’s most meaningful to me however, is the expanded outreach that doTERRA will have with people throughout the world. Not only are we sharing the highest quality essential oil with more people, we are providing an opportunity to more people for greater financial stability. We continue to source an increasing amount of our oils in third world countries, where we partner with local growers and farmers. This impacts many people in a positive way. It raises their standard of living and gives them steady employment for a fair wage.

Could you tell us a little about your personal goals?

I love people and helping others. We are involved with doTERRA because of the good we can to do. Our passion is with our charitable organization, the Healing Hands Foundation. We hope to help elevate, motivate and inspire as many people as we can. That’s where our joy and satisfaction come from. Anyone who has been around doTERRA long enough knows we really mean that. We want to create more jobs, opportunities and freedom. We feel a keen sense of responsibility to keep this business going for others and their families.

What do you do for fun?

I love to be with my family. We like to travel and eat good food together.

What’s something no one knows about you?

I’m a shy person. I know that might surprise people, but I don’t like the attention. Getting up on stage at convention or other meetings is not my favorite thing. I’m always trying to get out of it.

Other fun facts:

  • He has been married for 37 years and has five children and six grandchildren.
  • Mark’s favorite place to travel is Germany, because he has family there.
  • His favorite movies are You’ve Got Mail, Sabrina, and It’s a Wonderful Life
  • His favorite products are doTERRA Breathe®, DDR Prime®, Deep Blue Complex™, Terrazyme™ and Correct-X®.

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