Executive Spotlight: Gregory P. Cook

Founding Executive International

When he was first introduced to essential oils by David Stirling, Greg remembers, “He told me that I should take them home and share them with my wife. That was good advice. When I showed them to my wife, she asked me what they were, and I said, ‘essential oils.’ She then asked what they did, and I said, ‘I have no idea.’” It took some time before Greg really realized the power of essential oils, but his perspective started to change at an all-day lecture in San Diego by Dr. David K. Hill, D.C. He says, “I was excited to go to San Diego, and my wife ended up going with me to the presentation. Later, I looked over at my wife and she was writing down everything. Then Dr. David K. Hill, D.C. asked whose lives had been changed significantly by essential oils. I saw many hands go up. He then asked how many were nurses, and I saw more hands go up. Then he asked how many were doctors and I saw about 50 hands go up. I started to pay attention from then on, and after that day my wife started using essential oils on a daily basis.”

Greg and his wife put everything they had on the line to get doTERRA started, including the home they had put so much into. “We maxed out our mortgage and put all the money into doTERRA, together with funds from the other founders. We needed that money for buying oils, hiring staff, and renting space. There was no leftover money to pay our salaries. In one year my savings had depleted and we had cut back on everything.

What is your mantra?

Serve others.

How would you define your role in the company?

I have two roles, one is a co-founder/owner, and the other is my functional role, Executive Vice President of International, which means I travel internationally a lot. International travel is hard, but I like the results of it: for example, opening new markets, meeting new people, and expanding the reach of essential oils around the world. I like going places if it’s productive.

Where in the world is the best food?

Italy has the best food, and more specifically anywhere in the area of Tuscany. The food is amazing there.

What are some of your hobbies?

My biggest hobby is my family. I am a family man. I have five kids and they’re great. Everything I do is really to benefit that. But I do enjoy all kinds of fishing, including fly-fishing. I also enjoy keeping up with current events.

What is your vision for doTERRA?

I really believe in our vision to get essential oils into every home in America and in the world. It is happening. It’s also fulfilling to see that essential oils are so accepted by every culture we come across. It’s an amazing experience to literally help change the world. I really do enjoy it.

What is something few people know about you?

I have lived on 4 different continents (Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia).  Growing up in Africa and working with refugees in Europe instilled within me a desire to utilize the privileges afforded to me to help others who have fewer opportunities due to their circumstances.

Random Facts:

  • Since living in Sweden for two years, Greg has kept up his Swedish and has been back to Sweden many times.
  • Greg loves to read. One of his light reading favorite authors is Louis L’Amour.
  • Greg has one daughter living in Chile.
  • Greg won an award in 5th grade for never missing a day of school.
  • Greg’s great-great-grandfather was the first water master for SLC, Utah, and his grandmother was the first woman to graduate from the department of Agriculture at Utah State University.

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