Class Kit: Essential Oil Origins

Understanding how an essential oil is extracted, and what purpose the oil served in its plant part can help you better understand the oil overall and all of the incredible benefits it offers. This makes is easier for you to teach the importance of said oil to a class. It’s incredible when you learn the process of extracting these oils. It’s quite an art form. You begin to fathom just how much work goes into not only growing the plant itself, but harvesting it, distilling it, and then testing it. 

These processes require a lot of hands to help make it possible. It is very labor-intensive, which also requires precise techniques. This is why we trust our oils in the hands of people whose cultures have been growing and harvesting these plants well before us. For example, did you know Wintergreen is grown in the high mountains of Nepal? Nepalese harvesters must climb steep cliffs in dangerous conditions just to get ahold of the plant. Then they seperate each leaf from the rest of the plant to prepare it for distillation. Makes you appreciate that little bottle of yours more, doesn’t it? 

We encourage you to teach a class using our newest class kit, the Essential Oil Origins, where an eBook is prepared for your use, a Powerpoint presentation, Class invites, and handouts. 

It can be downloaded here!

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