Cleaning With dōTERRA Essential Oils

Cleaning is inevitable, whether you enjoy the task or not, so why not clean with the highest quality of non-toxic products money can buy? doTERRA’s essential oils are so versatile they provide you with a list of solutions you may never have known of. Take for example the oil Lemon. Did you know Lemon not only naturally cleanses the digestive system, it also cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces? This means doTERRA’s Proprietary Blends that contain Lemon are excellent tools for cleaning—like Purify.

What Makes doTERRA Oils Good Cleansing Agents?

Simply put, they’re potent and powerful. Because of their potency you really don’t need to use very much to get the job done, so in the long run you’re using a natural product while saving money. It’s common to find toxic chemicals in a household because they are advertised to be potent and powerful in their own right. But the reality is, though these products claim to provide effective cleansing benefits, they often contain synthetic chemicals and questionable ingredients that may put your family at risk when used around the home. 
If you have small children in the home, or just want to ensure that your family isn’t being exposed to unnecessary toxins and chemicals everyday, essential oils provide a safe, natural solution for keeping the home clean. So, why not avoid the unnecessary all together and use products that come directly from the earth?

Why Choose doTERRA?

It is important to remember that not all essential oils are equal. So, using pure, high quality essential oils, like doTERRA’s will yield the best results when using them for cleaning. Low quality oils or oils that contain synthetic fillers will not be as effective for cleansing purposes, and because they aren’t as pure, you’ll need to use more to get the job done. Bottom line, when choosing essential oils to use for household cleaning, make sure that the oils are pure, high-quality, come from natural sources, and do not contain any synthetic fillers or contaminants.


To learn more about which essential oils are best for cleaning, be sure to check out the eBook for our newest Class Kit!

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