Ways to Use Lavender and Turmeric

One of the greatest appeals to using essential oils is the variety they offer. If you are new to essential oils, you will soon find that there are dozens of uses for just a single oil, which is why essential oils are so handy for everyday life. If you’ve been using essential oils for a while, then you’ve surely come to realize how easy it is to incorporate essential oils (especially those oils with a wide variety of benefits) into your everyday routine. 

If you are looking for essential oils that can be used in almost any aspect of your daily health routine, Lavender and Turmeric are two oils that you’ll definitely want to have on hand. With numerous benefits and a whole host of simple applications, you will be happy to have these two oils in your arsenal. 

Internal health

Both Lavender and Turmeric have some surprising benefits when used internally. By using these oils daily and weekly, you’ll be able to reap some of the following possible advantages: 



  • Helps support healthy glucose and lipid metabolism*
  • Enhances cellular antioxidant enzymes*
  • Supports our cells at every stage of their life cycle and boosts overall cellular health*


  • Reduces anxious feelings and promotes peaceful sleep*
  • Supports the heart and cardiovascular system*
  • Improves the appearance of skin and soothes minor skin irritations. *
  • Synergistically helps to soothe and calm the nervous system.*
  • Promotes feelings of vitality*

Application tips: To enjoy Turmeric internally, dilute one drop in four ounces of liquid, and swallow. For internal use of Lavender oil, place a drop in four ounces of liquid, or add a drop to a vegetable capsule and swallow with water. 

Aromatic benefits

With distinct, potent aromas, Turmeric and Lavender have powerful effects when used aromatically. Turmeric smells warm and earthy, while Lavender has a light, floral aroma. While the aromatic profile of each of these oils is wildly different, both oils will definitely become your go-to choices when it comes to diffusion and aromatic use. 

Diffuse Turmeric when…

When you want to give yourself an emotional lift or improve your mood, consider diffusing Turmeric in an essential oil diffuser nearby.

Diffuse Lavender when…

When you need to ease feelings of tension, or wish to promote positive feelings of self-awareness, Lavender is the right essential oil to diffuse. This essential oil is also useful when you want to create a calming environment before bed. 

Topical benefits

When it comes to your daily hygiene routine and keeping your skin clear and clean, both Lavender and Turmeric can provide many benefits. Not only will the use of either of these oils help to reduce the appearance of blemishes and promote a clear, healthy-looking complexion, but they will be easy to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. 

Application tips: 
As blemishes pop up throughout the month, apply one to two drops of Turmeric oil to the affected area after diluting the oil with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil. For healthy looking skin, add a drop of Lavender oil to your daily facial wash or moisturizer.

If you are ready to experience the helpful and accessible benefits of Turmeric and Lavender essential oils, make sure to add them to your collection today. 


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