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Three Strategies for Sharing the doTERRA MetaPWR® System

Having experienced the benefits of the MetaPWR system for yourself, you’re in a great position to share it with others.

Can you think of people who would be interested in the system? Think of their needs and wellness goals. What are they looking to improve about themselves? What habits do they already have?

The best way to approach someone about the MetaPWR system is to share how it can help him or her specifically. Use at least one of these three strategies to reach potential customers.

1: The MetaPWR System Can Impact Your Biological Age*

There’s a big difference between biological and physical age. You’ve probably met people who look like they’re 30 but are actually in their forties. Aging doesn’t just affect your physical appearance. It also affects your cells. People age from the inside out.

People can positively impact biological age through healthy lifestyle choices, and it’s never too late to start!

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MetaPWR Assist features mulberry leaf extract, which helps all carbohydrates—both fast and slow—act like slow carbohydrates.* Your biological age increases when your blood sugar spikes, even within normal range.

If you were to constantly hit the accelerator and then slam on the brakes while driving, your car would wear out quickly. The same applies to your body and blood sugar levels. MetaPWR Assist helps you enjoy smoother, more moderate blood glucose curves.*

MetaPWR Advantage is an amazing collagen-infused supplement that contains resveratrol, which preclinical research indicates may increase NAD+ and NADH—both of which decrease as you age.*

2: The MetaPWR System Can Help Improve Your Daily Health and Energy*

People who rock the doTERRA wellness lifestyle know how much control lies within. Low energy could be the result of a high-carb meal or failure to drink enough water during the day.

Habit-building requires endurance. If you don’t have enough fuel and energy, you lose the motivation to be consistent. And not short-term energy boosts—we’re talking natural, all-day vitality.

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MetaPWR Assist helps regulate normal-range blood sugar levels.* When you take it with your biggest meal of the day, the iminosugars of the mulberry leaves interact with the digestive enzymes that metabolize carbohydrates, slowing their digestion so the glucose doesn’t hit your blood stream as quickly.* Your energy becomes more reliable throughout the day.*

MetaPWR Advantage helps keep your cells functioning as if they were young, thanks to NAD+ and NADH. Do you wish you had the same energy you had in your twenties? Younger-functioning cells lead to multifaceted benefits, including greater energy consistency.

3: The MetaPWR System Helps with Weight Management through Habit-Stacking*

Without healthy, sustainable, and long-term solutions, it’s easy to give up on healthy weight maintenance. However, there’s a few things that can make all those important habits easier and more effective. Of course, every MetaPWR system product can help, but here are a couple you may not have thought of.

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MetaPWR Satiety Gum and MetaPWR Beadlets help curb hunger cravings, promote mindful eating, and support a healthy metabolism.* When you set wellness goals, getting started in the morning is usually the easiest part. As the day continues, self-control often declines. People want the snacks in their pantry or see a cookie while running errands and then can’t stop thinking about it. With a long-lasting sweet, minty, and spicy taste, MetaPWR Satiety Gum and MetaPWR Beadlets can help. MetaPWR Softgels are great for helping kickstart your metabolism in the morning and keeping it going throughout the night while your body is resting.*

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend started it all. Using this essential oil blend internally during a workout or diffusing it throughout the day can support mindful eating habits. An unpublished preclinical study suggests the Metabolic Blend may target and reduce adipose fat cells when ingested, but more confirming research is needed.*

The MetaPWR system isn’t meant to be a quick fix to healthy living. It works best when paired with healthy daily wellness habits like whole foods, exercise, adequate sleep, and plenty of water. You might also pair the system with the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® for best results.

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