Kings of Skin Care: Frankincense Touch and Jasmine Touch

Essential oils and absolutes were anciently used in religious ceremonies and for perfume and soothing remedies for the skin. Two such aromas included Frankincense (known as the king of essential oils) and Jasmine (known as the king of flowers), which are highly sought-after ingredients in the fragrance and essential oil industry today.

While some might feel that Jasmine is floral and therefore more of a feminine scent, it is frequently used in masculine scents, too, especially when blended with oils like Vetiver. Frankincense’s scent is appealing to men and women and an excellent oil to add to blends. Regardless of which scent appeals to you more, Frankincense and Jasmine both have a wide variety of benefits.

Soothing and Perfecting
Frankincense Touch is the perfect soothing oil to use after shaving. Already diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil, roll it directly onto freshly-shaven skin to reduce any possible irritation caused by razor bumps on your face or your legs. When finished, use Jasmine Touch to address any additional skin issues on your face before applying your regular moisturizer or lotion.

When the skin on your hands is dry from harsh winter conditions, use Frankincense Touch where your skin needs it most for quick relief. The Fractionated Coconut Oil allows the oil to cover more surface area while bringing the soothing relief wherever it touches. Don’t be afraid to roll some extra oil onto your fingernails while you’re at it—Frankincense is perfect for attaining healthy-looking nails.

Relaxation and Peace
Just as you can in your skincare routine, use Frankincense and Jasmine together during meditation or in those moments when you feel the weight of the world. To counteract such stress, roll Frankincense Touch onto your pulse points, breathe in the scent for a few minutes, and roll on Jasmine Touch to feel grounded in the present. The scents will work together to bring you the much needed moment of peace you seek.

The Harvesting Process
Both Frankincense and Jasmine are notoriously difficult to harvest: Frankincense trees grow at precarious heights, and are frequently home to poisonous snakes. The resin is collected over time from carefully scored areas on the tree, and then sorted and distilled to achieve the highest quality oil. Jasmine flowers are incredibly delicate, and need to be picked by hand early in the morning. Soon after they are picked, they must be quickly distilled to preserve the perfect profile in the resulting absolute.

Thanks in part to the difficulty of harvesting, both Frankincense and Jasmine are costly to produce. But, making Jasmine and Frankincense available in the doTERRA Touch® line means that many more people can experience their benefits. doTERRA carefully studied the appropriate dilution ratio for each to maintain efficacy. Having them in a roller bottle also makes it easier to apply to your skin without even needing to think about how much to dilute it for sensitive skin or when it needs to be used over a larger area.

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