Harness the Power of Essential Oils with Siberian Fir and Cassia

People love essential oils because they offer quick, effective results due to their potency. Pure essential oils can produce a response right away—especially if the oil has a particularly strong chemistry. This is apparent from the very moment that you open an essential oil bottle. As soon as a bottle is opened, the potent aroma of the oil wafts through the air and can be detected, even from a distance. For example, if you open a bottle of an essential oil like Peppermint, you can start experiencing some of the aromatic benefits from the very first inhalation. 

It is possible to take advantage of the fast-acting, potent nature of essential oils through aromatic use. Aromatic use is another term for dispersing oils into the air and breathing them in. In particular, Siberian Fir oil and Cassia oil each have a strong, unique chemistry that make them useful for reaping aromatic benefits. 

Uplifting and soothing properties

Both Cassia and Siberian Fir have distinct aromas that offer significant benefits. Taken from the bark of the Cinnamomum cassia plant, Cassia is known to have a warm, spicy aroma that is comparable to that of cinnamon. When used aromatically, the unique aroma of Cassia can produce a warming, uplifting response. Cassia is also a popular oil to use during the winter months because the spicy scent can help to create a warm and cozy environment. 

In contrast, Siberian Fir oil is known for its green, woody, refreshing scent. Siberian Fir oil is extracted from the needles of the Siberian fir tree, giving it an aroma reminiscent of a fresh, green forest. The distinctive scent of Siberian Fir can help to soothe anxious feelings because of the soothing and relaxing properties the oil possesses. Diffusing Siberian Fir oil into the air can help to soothe the emotions and promote grounding feelings—not to mention, the refreshing aroma can also help to promote feelings of easy breathing. 

Diffusing Cassia and Siberian Fir

If you are ready to experience the uplifting, soothing, warming, and relaxing benefits that come with using Siberian Fir and Cassia aromatically, consider adding one or both of these oils to your next custom diffuser blend. Need a few ideas? Take a look at the suggestions below: 

Oatmeal Cookie
Cedarwood – 2 drops
Cassia – 2 drops
Wild Orange – 3 drops

Freshly Frosted Forest

Wintergreen – 4 drops
Vetiver – 4 drops
Siberian Fir – 4 drops

Patchouli – 3 drops
Siberian Fir – 2 drops
Lavender – 2 drops

Citrus Cinnamonwood
Lemon – 2 drops
Lime – 2 drops
Cinnamon – 1 drop
Cassia – 1 drop


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