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Using Oils in the Kitchen

The sky’s the limit when you use essential oils to make your kitchen cleaner and more pleasant. A lot goes on in a kitchen: cooking, cleaning, eating, finishing homework at the kitchen table, and more. If you’re looking for natural ways to keep your kitchen clean, fresh, and safe for the entire family, consider using essential oils.

Cleaning with Essential Oils

A garbage roll, cotton balls, and essential oils over the counter

Kitchen Essential Oil DIYs

Because the kitchen is such a high-traffic hub, it needs to be cleaned more often than other rooms. Make your own natural surface cleaner by combining Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Wild Orange, or other cleansing essential oils with a few ounces of water in a spray bottle and then simply spritz on kitchen surfaces.


For more essential oil DIYs to help with household cleaning, read our Cleaning with Essential Oils eBook.


If you want to avoid harsh chemicals and toxins from commercial cleaning products but don’t have the time to make your own, then the abode product line is for you. This line features simple, nontoxic cleaning and household products, like a multi-purpose surface cleaner, dishwasher pods, dish soap, laundry pods, hand soap, hand lotion, gorgeous frosted amber reusable dispensers, and more.


With the abode line, you can trust the products you’re bringing into your home are safe and effective, powered by Mother Nature’s purest, highest-quality ingredients. Clean never felt so natural!

Shop the abode Line

Abode products

Laluz Diffuser with Citrus Bliss Essential Oil

Kitchen Diffuser Blends

Revitalize your kitchen and make it more inviting by diffusing essential oils that freshen the air as they add a pleasant, natural aroma. Place your favorite refreshing essential oils in your diffuser and enjoy.


Here are a few suggestions for the perfect kitchen diffuser blend:

Bright and Breezy

Mint to Be


Cooking with Essential Oils

Along with cleaning and refreshing your kitchen, essential oils can also add flavor to your favorite dishes and beverages. If you’ve never cooked with essential oils, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to increase flavor with a single drop.


After you’ve confirmed the essential oils you want to use have been approved for internal use, add them to smoothies, tea, marinades, baked goods, sauces, desserts, and more.


For tips on cooking with essential oils, take a look at our Cooking with Essential Oils eBook. For recipe ideas, check out the “Recipes” section of our blog.

Strawberries, oats, sliced almonds, and Vanilla Essential Oil on a plate

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