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Essential Oils for Creating an Ideal Focus Space

Accomplishing anything requires focus. Ironically, it can feel hard to focus when you need to buckle down and concentrate the most.

Your environment influences your ability to focus and produce high-quality work. For example, an organized, clutter-free space can promote a sense of order and calm, allowing you to dive into the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed. Comfortable seating, adequate lighting, and pleasant temperatures can also contribute to concentration and creativity.

Distractions like social media notifications, text alerts, and surrounding noises can derail even the most disciplined work sessions. Intentionally creating a distraction-free zone and silencing non-essential notifications will help you carve out dedicated periods of uninterrupted focus, leading to higher-quality work, heightened creativity, and augmented problem-solving abilities.

Your workspace sets the stage for improved concentration and contributes to a positive mental state. By proactively managing the elements of your environment and minimizing potential distractions, you can achieve your goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

How Do I Stay Focused?

Step 1: Create Your Atmosphere

As mentioned, your workspace affects your focus. Choose a room or location and open the drapes, adjust the lighting, and find the perfect setting on your chair 15 minutes before you start working. Ensure everything you need to properly concentrate is in place.

Next, tailor your workspace atmosphere with doTERRA essential oils and a diffuser. Try the following essential oils by themselves or combined in a blend:

  • Basil: The high linalool content in Basil contributes to a relaxing aroma. Its warm, spicy, and herbal scent smells beautiful on its own and blends well with Peppermint and Cedarwood.
  • Douglas Fir: Like the deep roots of a fir tree, Douglas Fir can provide a refreshing, grounding aroma. It’s perfect for creating positive and inspiring surroundings.
  • Eucalyptus: Frequently used in spas and other tranquil settings, Eucalyptus cultivates a calm atmosphere during stressful circumstances.
  • Spearmint: The sweet, refreshing, and uplifting aroma of Spearmint is the perfect addition to a focus-friendly diffuser blend. It’s also milder than Peppermint, making it a subtler choice for study time.
  • Spanish Sage: Clarity is calling! Spanish Sage is beautiful, invigorating, soothing, and uplifting. When diffused, it can create a stimulating atmosphere that’s supportive of memory and cognitive performance. Spanish Sage also supports a calm mind and sense of alertness when consumed.*

Step 2: Limit Distractions

Turning off or putting away electronics and keeping your space clutter-free are surefire ways to boost your focus. You can also level up your attention span with InTune® and Thinker®. Formulated with earthy and uplifting essential oils that are known to create calming environments, these two essential oil blends are excellent additions to dedicated focus spaces.

Roll InTune or Thinker on your temples and neck before starting a task or when afternoon doldrums eat away at your attention.

Step 3: Enjoy the Perfect Space for Focus and Memory

With an ideal environment and limited distractions, you’re ready to concentrate on the day ahead! Staying on task is much easier when you prepare and make adjustments that set you up for successful productivity.

Did you know essential oils can tailor your environment for other activities too? Read this article about how you can use essential oils at night to create the perfect bedtime routine!

Five Essential Oils to Enhance Your Bedtime Environment

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