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Dos and Don’ts of Diffuser Shopping

Do you want to fill your home with the stunning aromas of essential oils? Do you enjoy an energizing, uplifting atmosphere in your workspace or a calm, restful environment at bedtime? No matter the ambiance, a diffuser makes any space feel like yours.


Diffusers create a fine mist with electronic frequencies that can add to any environment. But you’ll need to ask a few questions to know which diffuser is right for you.

Laluz diffuser with doTERRA Essential oils

Where are you planning to put your diffuser?

doTERRA diffusers feature different runtimes and coverage. Some diffusers work great for large gathering areas or entryways, while others cover a smaller square footage in a potent, pleasing way. If you want to create a joyful atmosphere in your kitchen, for example, choose a diffuser that covers a larger area.

How long do you need your diffuser to run?

The ideal diffuser should run as long as you need it to. doTERRA diffuser runtimes can reach up to 14 hours! If you want to keep your spirits up with a citrusy diffuser blend during a part-time job, invest in a diffuser with a three- to five-hour runtime. A diffuser with a seven- to eight-hour runtime is ideal for overnight aromas like Lavender and doTERRA Serenity®. Meanwhile, 14-hour intermittent options can keep your kitchen smelling fresh all day.

Do you value portability, aesthetics, or both?

Some diffusers are portable. If you’re a home-based busybody who enjoys the clean aroma of Purify in every room or you think diffusing delicious aromas from a doTERRA centerpiece would be the perfect touch to your upcoming home party, consider a portable diffuser.


Alternatively, you can incorporate an aesthetically pleasing diffuser into your living room decor. The Roam® Diffuser gives you the best of both worlds: classy and portable!

Pilot diffuser
doTERRA Dawn Diffuser beside a bathtub

Are diffusers humidifiers?

Not every diffuser is a humidifier, but the Dawn® Aroma Humidifier is, doubling as a humidifier and diffuser that’s perfect for dry climates. This state-of-the-art product is designed to create the ultimate level of comfort in any room. Its smart sleep mode maintains ideal humidity levels throughout the night, fostering a good night’s sleep.


Whichever diffuser you choose, the aromas of essential oils have so much potential to influence your environment and help you enjoy wonderful, customizable, and natural scents. Helpful specs are included on each diffuser page so you can find the perfect one.

Ready to buy your doTERRA diffuser, investing in your space and air?


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