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Diffusing with Pets

How to Protect Your Pet from Toxins in the Home

It may not always cross your mind, but your environment is also your pet’s environment. Many common household cleaners are filled with synthetic chemicals and toxins, and what you use to clean the floor is what your furry friend walks, naps, and plays on.

There’s your air to consider as well. You may be surprised to learn many fragrance products—from candles and air fresheners to perfume—are also filled with artificial chemicals and toxins. You breathe it in, and so does your pet.

Reducing the toxic load of your home benefits the whole family, including pets. While it may be overwhelming to think about every single product in your home that may increase the toxic loads of the people and animals who share it with you, making your space greener and cleaner doesn’t have to be daunting. Reducing toxic load and replacing your current products with natural alternatives is a step-by-step process.

Pawsitively Simple

If you’re ready to start removing toxins from your space, then the air is a great first step. Collect the synthetic fragrance products around your home and read the ingredients. What’s in your air fresheners? Room sprays? Plugins? Candles? If you aren’t comfortable with what they’re putting in your air, then it’s time to get rid of them and try something new.

Diffusing pure doTERRA essential oils is a simple and effective way of bringing the power of nature into your home. All it takes is water and a few drops of essential oil, then turning the diffuser on. Diffusing is the perfect, natural way to make your home smell wonderful and inviting. You don’t have to settle for copycat versions of nature’s aromas. With pure essential oils, you get the real deal—straight from the plant.

Using Essentials Oils Safely around Pets

Here are a few tips for diffusing essential oils around your pet:

  1. Use only three to four drops of an essential oil in a water-based diffuser. Pure essential oils are incredibly potent, so just a few drops can fill a whole room with their aromas.
  2. Position the diffuser in a place where your pet can’t knock it over.
  3. When diffusing, leave a door to whatever room the diffuser is in open so your pet can come and go as desired.

Get Rid of Odors Naturally

Anyone with pets knows that it isn’t always lilacs and roses. Plenty of unwelcome smells and odors come along for the ride. Pure doTERRA essential oils are excellent for this as well. Imagine the benefits of using nature to tackle the pet odors in your home, as opposed to whatever synthetic products you might be using now.

With fewer chemicals and toxins wafting through your air, you can have peace of mind about the huge step you’re taking to make your home a more natural environment, with fewer toxins burdening you and your furry family members.

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