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Creating a Purposeful Mindset for Success

Audrey Lee Sanders, Diamond & US 2.0 Founder

As you grow your business, finding your doTERRA purpose will keep you going strong.

Life is bound to throw you curveballs, whether it’s with your family, car, home, or doTERRA business. How do you deal with curveballs when they hit?

Some people take a deep breath and tackle curveballs head on. Some cry, go on a run, freeze, or move around. While everyone eventually finds ways to deal with curveballs, many curveballs can make you feel like there’s no solution.

As you grow your doTERRA business, curveballs are bound to happen. Not once or twice, but often over and over.

Does someone in your organization feel alone and unsupported? Did someone quit? Are you struggling with team structures? Maybe someone didn’t sign up even after learning how doTERRA could change his or her life.

Feeling like you can’t support everyone in all these challenges can be overwhelming. So what do you do when you face curveballs in your team, business, or reasoning?

Find your doTERRA purpose. Find what makes you want to keep pushing and see the goal to the end. Take time to record a goal on paper, remember the reason you joined doTERRA in the first place, or reflect on how much your business has changed your life.

Maybe the extra income you receive each month is your purpose. Maybe it’s the countless ways you’ve seen doTERRA sourcing the best products while helping the most people. The team you’ve built and friends you’ve made along the way. Or maybe it’s that one doTERRA product that’s revolutionized your health.

Audrey Lee Sanders has eight steps to help support and strategize with your team when hard challenges crop up:

  1. Wish for your team’s success.
  2. Include your team members in your personal growth.
  3. Help your team members rank up and focus on their goals.
  4. Teach your team how to get their Power of 3 bonuses.
  5. Create a whiteboard with the goals for the month (like rank advancements, monthly numbers, new skills, class milestones, and so on).
  6. Provide special incentives for teams.
  7. Hold weekly and sometimes daily check-ins with your team members.
  8. Keep working with your team like a mother or father supporting children.

These eight steps will help you push toward finding your doTERRA purpose, even when curveballs come your way.

Blue Lotus Touch was Aubrey’s doTERRA purpose. A curveball hit her business around the time her three-year-old granddaughter passed away. “One of the first things I used was the amazing Blue Lotus,” Aubrey said. “I dedicated it to my granddaughter, calling it ‘royal grace.’ It helped me get out of bed in the morning. It also helped rejuvenate my skin after crying—sometimes morning, noon, and night.”

As you continue growing your business, keep your doTERRA purpose in mind. It’ll help you when life throws unforeseen curveballs your way. When you remember your why, you can find your way.

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