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Sydney Sherriff: Building the Community of Your Dreams

At 18 years old and fresh out of high school, Sydney started her doTERRA journey. She was inspired by the many successful women in the field but felt ill-equipped to follow their examples. She started by cold messaging people every day and giving out samples.

After doing everything she could think of, Sydney still wasn’t seeing any enrollments. She kept asking herself why doTERRA seemed to be working for everyone but her. She often felt it would be so much easier to quit. Sydney went on feeling discouraged for four years.

In her convention presentation, Sydney compared the discouragement she felt to being in a lunchroom full of people and not knowing where to sit. She was lost and lonely and wished people would invite her to join them. She deeply wanted to be part of a community of women that felt like home.

After asking herself what she could do differently to feel like she had a place, she decided to create one! She envisioned the community she wanted and invited others to come and sit with her. She stopped sending cold messages and shifted from pursuing in-person events to hosting her business 100% online. She focused on helping others feel wanted and important.

After this shift, Sydney noticed other things start changing. Sharing her own vulnerabilities and struggles, she created an environment where others felt safe to share too. Women worldwide felt like they had a place at her table.

Though Sydney spent years feeling discouraged and lost, she wouldn’t change it for the lessons she’s learned along the way. There’s value in the struggle, and no matter where you are on the journey, you’re right on time!

Sydney concluded her presentation by saying the true spirit of doTERRA is inviting others to sit at your table and helping them know they’ll always have a place there.

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