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Best Essential Oils for Focus

Brain Boosters 

Whether you’re a student, a working professional, a project junkie, or all of the above, it can be difficult to stay on task in a world full of distractions. We are constantly interrupted by notifications on our phones and access to endless entertainment options. If you struggle to maintain concentration for long periods of time, you’re not alone. Plenty of people wish they had a better sense of focus when it comes to completing tasks, studying, and learning new skills.  

The good news is there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you maintain better focus throughout the day. These brain-boosting tips will make it easier for you to focus on the task at hand and get more done! 

Stay hydrated.
It’s easier to focus when your body is feeling its best. Keep your body in tip-top shape by making sure you stay hydrated. Do you struggle to drink enough water during the day? Add a little flavor to your water with citrus essential oils like Lemon oil, Grapefruit oil, Wild Orange oil, or Lime oil to make drinking a little more exciting.  

Go for a walk.
If you need a good brain booster, simply stand up and get moving. Did you know that exercise helps increase blood flow in the brain? If you’re having trouble concentrating at work or during a study session, try going for a short walk. Take a few trips up and down the stairs, walk down the hall, or simply take a lap around the building. Once you get the blood flowing, it’ll be easier to focus on the task at hand.  

Try meditating for 5–15 minutes to help minimize stress and improve focus. Never meditated before? There are plenty of free meditation apps and even YouTube videos that can show you how to get started. By taking a short break from a project or task, you can give your brain a little boost with a quick meditation session.  

Change your point of view—literally.
When you’re feeling a little stale and need a refresher, try doing an inversion. Lie down on the floor and lean your legs up against a wall. Inversions are often done in yoga to help increase brain activity and decrease stress levels. If you need to energize your brain, don't turn to coffee or soda—simply change your point of view.  

Use essential oils.
Did you know that the aroma of certain essential oils can be useful for promoting feelings of focus? Essential oils like Basil oil, Douglas Fir oil, Eucalyptus oil, and Spearmint oil contain chemical components that promote calming, grounding, uplifting, or energizing feelings—all of which contribute to a greater sense of focus.  

Here are a few ways that you can take advantage of the benefits of essential oils for increased focus:  

  • Diffuse Basil oil to promote a sense of focus while studying, reading, or completing other tasks that require mental clarity.  aa
  • Use Douglas Fir oil to promote a positive mood and sense of focus when approaching a project deadline.  a
  • Need a good diffuser blend to help you stay focused? Combine two drops of Spearmint oil, two drops of Peppermint oil, and one drop of Basil oil into a diffuser to create an environment where you can better stay on task.  
  • Feeling too frantic or frazzled to concentrate? Add a drop of Eucalyptus oil to your palms, rub your hands together, cup them over the nose, and breathe deeply to promote feelings of relaxation.  


Want to learn more about how to use essential oils to promote feelings of focus? Check out this FREE doTERRA eBook: Focus, Motivation, and Essential Oils.  

Have any of these brain boosters worked for you? Tell us in the comments below. 

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