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Class Ideas from A to Z: Road to Diamond

This is a business class to help you and your team plan and visualize goals, specifically a big-picture goal like reaching Diamond. This class is perfect for one-on-ones or for small groups, and you should give plenty of individual time for each of you to reflect on exactly what you need to do to reach your particular goal. It doesn’t matter what rank you are at personally, this class is perfect for creating a plan that will help you and your team move forward together.

Here is a simple outline you can follow:

  1. Read “Your Road to Diamond” by Sharon McDonald, Blue Diamond or watch “Back to Basics” with Teresa Harding to help you identify some of the things you will need to do to reach Diamond. Keep in mind that the necessary tasks you need to perform to reach Diamond are similar to those steps that you need to reach Elite, Silver, or Platinum.
  2. Take some individual time to determine a long-term goal, write it down, and set a date for achieving it. Share your goals with each other.
  3. Break up this long-term goal into short-term goals. Also determine what you need to do to overcome any obstacles you currently face, and write out a plan individually.
  4. If time allows, create a simple Vision Board or write everything out onto a calendar to help you visualize your plan.
  5. Keep each other accountable and support each other when things get hard. Do what you can to help each other reach the goal together.
  6. Be committed but flexible. Don’t give up even if you don’t reach your goal in the timeline you originally set.

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