The Top 14 Things You May Have Missed From Convention 2014


  • Arborvitae Essential Oil
  • Cardamom Essential Oil
  • doTERRA Breathe® Essential Oil Reformulated—Now with Cardamom
  • doTERRA Breathe® Repiratory Drops
  • doTERRA On Guard® Whitening Toothpaste Samples
  • Correct-X®
  • Veráge™ Skin Care
  • HD Clear® Skin Care
  • Petal Diffuser
  • TerraGreens®



2. Newly Formatted re-launched with a brand new, attractive, and user-friendly design. For starters, the landing page rotates to show the mission statements for the three aspects of doTERRA: the company, the products, and the social outreach.

3. Class in a Box—The Class in a Box kit is an affordable tool to help Wellness Advocates share and teach about doTERRA essential oils and the business opportunity.



4. Haiti—Healing Hands donations paid for a new water system and a warehouse to store vetiver roots. doTERRA also helped provide school supplies and a teacher for the local children.

5. Guatemala—With distillation equipment from Europe, farmers who couldn't afford to keep up their cardamom crops are now being paid a premium price for their high quality Cardamom oil.

6. Somalia—By paying our frankincense growers with food and other necessities, doTERRA is cutting out the middle-man and bringing new opportunity and hope to local people.

7. Italy—Our exclusive partnership with our growers of lemon, bergamot, and mandarin allows harvesters in Sicily to keep their orchards and livelihood despite the struggling economy.



8. Vetiver—It takes the vetiver root 16-18 months to mature.

9. Global Impact—doTERRA essential oils come from 26 countries, 18 of which are considered developing countries.

10. Total Healing Hands donations at convention: Approximately $226,000

11. Peppermint Fact: 110,000 lbs = the weight of Peppermint sold in one year

12. Convention attendance:

  • 2013: 12,000 people
  • 2014: 18,000 people

13. As of 2014 there are 1,300 employees in 10 offices worldwide.

14. More than 1,000,000 Wellness Advocates as of 2014.



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