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Class Ideas From A to Z: Compensation Plan

It can be easy to focus on teaching about essential oils, but once you find people interested in building doTERRA® with you, classes about how to build their business are a must. An explanation on the compensation plan is a necessary first class or one-on-one for any builder. While the vast majority of Wellness Advocates are focused on using essential oils, there is a significant earnings opportunity once they understand how to navigate the compensation plan. (See the Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.)

The following list is a basic overview of the compensation plan. You can use it as a starting point for answering questions your team may have:

1. The Loyalty Rewards Program

Especially for those who are new, talk about the benefits of ordering with the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) on a monthly basis. Without a 100 PV LRP order, they will not qualify for many of the bonuses offered.

2. Fast Start & Power of 3

Fast Start is designed to help people have an initial income, while Power of 3 is meant to help people build a long-term business through building a more in-depth structure.

3. Unilevel

Unilevel is a sponsor based commission paid out monthly on customers who order outside of the Fast Start period. Depending on your rank, you can receive Unilevel on up to seven levels within your organization. For a breakdown on Unilevel payouts, see the Compensation Plan.

A few tips:

  • Don’t forget to share your personal experiences during the class. Just as you teach about essential oils by sharing your experiences, teach using your experiences with the compensation plan and how it’s benefitted your life.
  • The doTERRA compensation plan is not simple. A new builder can easily feel overwhelmed by all the information. But, if you show your willingness to help and support them, you can help them feel comfortable and confident in their ability to succeed with the business.
  • Don’t worry about putting together a fancy PowerPoint—people will learn more if you talk to them personally, and it will make it easier for your leaders to reproduce your class themselves. If you need a reference, the Build brochure is a great tool.

Commission FAQ

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